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| Posted on: 12-09-2017

Have you wondered why ‘A for Apple’ has preceded almost every learning from early childhood? Or, how it isn’t completely absurd to compare the reading of a clock face with the cutting of a cake - after all, the same visual principles apply. Here’s introducing ‘Science of the Secondary’, a zine-format publication that has been working towards uncovering ‘implicit conditions that exist in our experience of the everyday’. The publication attempts to decipher conditions and sensations that human beings are not conscious of in their day-to-day interaction with things and the immediate surroundings. 

Part of design studio HOKO, Atelier HOKO is an independent research lab that hopes to cultivate in people, an ‘open-ness’ and ability to ‘un-know’ by taking a fresh look at reality. Science of the Secondary (SOTS) is an ongoing, lifelong research project conceived and developed by Atelier HOKO. Started in 2013 by Alvin Ho and Clara Koh (founders of HOKO), 8 editions of SOTS have been released so far.

The series is a conscious effort to revive our curiosity towards otherwise unnoticed day-to-day objects in our surroundings, ranging from doors to eggs. The first issue of the publication was dedicated to ‘Apple’, and it explored and celebrated everything - from the taste, smell, texture and choosing of the fruit to the minute observations of symmetry and eating. This publication is a fine example that proves that even a mundane object can render itself to creative outcomes. The simplicity of every issue (both in form and design) coupled by the objectivity of science and design theory makes it a thoroughly engaging and thought-provoking read.

The latest issue of SOTS explored the otherwise unassuming ‘sock’ only to conclude, not without irony, that the common definition of quality socks lies precisely in how little we take notice of its presence. The publication’s ability to not dismiss the obvious makes you want to devour it in one sitting. Once done, you will perhaps look at the world more meaningfully, as you find yourself paying greater attention to details formerly dismissed as routine.

Atelier HOKO has also in the past, conceptualized events and series around some of the subjects covered in the publication, adding a whole new dimension to the process of relating and understanding our surroundings better. In conjunction with its issue focused on ‘socks’, it developed short videos of low impact fitness workout titled ‘Soxercise’. We thought these may interest you - you can view the videos here.

We understand from the team of HOKO that the next issue of SOTS is scheduled to be out in March 2018. We will keep an eye out for you.

P.S. A special thanks to our subscriber Priyanka Shah (Founder, Out of the Shed) for introducing us to this splendid publication.

ScienceOfTheSecondary_Socks ScienceOfTheSecondary_Socks2 ScienceOfTheSecondary_Socks1 ScienceOfTheSecondary_Window ScienceOfTheSecondary_Window2 ScienceOfTheSecondary_Window1

Picture Credit| Atelier HOKO

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