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| Posted on: 08-09-2017

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A brief encounter with this land of fire and ice has left me in awe and I am happy to share some unsolicited advice, should you wish to plan a trip to this increasingly popular travel destination.

When - I can only imagine how devastatingly beautiful the country must look in winter, picture rising steam from the natural baths when the rest of the land is covered in snow - sublime. However, given that I was wearing three layers of clothing in the summer to keep myself from freezing, I suspect a low of -25 degrees celsius is not for us tropical creatures. But then again, if you can brave the weather and wish to experience Aurora Borealis, while your exhaled breath pretty much freezes – give it a go in winter!

Stay – When in Reykjavik, ditch the hotels and stay at Kex Hostel. The hostel has a stellar restro-pub Sæmundur í Sparifötunum, with some of the best local beers on tap – a bonus. The rest of the country is largely motels and few deluxe hotels, so go with whatever suits your budget but keep your expectations in check, even with the deluxe variety. Although, Fosshotel, a hotel chain in Iceland, can be found close to most natural attractions – it’s a convenient choice.

Do – Self-drive. Get a 4x4 jeep and brace the F roads i.e. mountain roads where numerous river crossings and similar nerve racking experiences await. The choice of vehicle will determine the places you end up seeing. So if you are looking to tame the volcanoes and craters, a 4x4 jeep is your beast.

See the places some of the popular travel guides recommend, most of them are worth a visit. However, feel free to skip Blue Lagoon or other geothermal pools (quite overrated, I’d say), and few or more waterfalls – really there are too many.

Eat /Drink – Try out rye bread and skyr (Icelandic low fat yogurt). When in Reykjavik eat at the Michelin star restaurant Dill, if you can get a reservation (we booked a month in advance with no luck) and/or Matur & Drykkur – traditional dishes served bistro style, highly recommended. Birkir and Björk are two delicious Icelandic liquors – indulge in cocktails.

Image| Kex Hostel

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