A beautiful pocket sized title, Some Such Stories is the publishing platform of Somesuch, an award-winning, London-based media production company. In 2016, this contemporary online platform distilled its best works to become a biannual print title offering original insight into contemporary experiences of culture, nature, politics, sex and society.


Despite an array of essays and fiction stories on subjects ranging from technology to divinity, this issue remains true to the theme which will present itself to you, as you soak in the experience through words and visuals that defy the accepted norms of typography. Turn the pages and brace yourself for stories deliberately printed upside town, battered down with changing font sizes and abrupt spaces as the magazine hits the nail with what it wants you to experience – distortion; the thread that weaves this issue together.

Editor | Suze Olbrich

Design | Fraser Muggeridge Studio

Writers | Fiona Alison Duncan, Ana Cecilia Alvarez, Tim Burrows

Some Such Stories’ latest issue features eleven works of writing that explore ideas around distortion, orientation and re–orientation. The volume begins with the exploration of mysticism and divinity, which freed the Holocaust diarist, Etty Hillesum as well as the author of ‘The Girl Who Learnt to Kneel’- FIONA ALISON DUNCAN. In China, EMMA-LEE MOSS investigates matchmakers and leftover women in her piece ‘The Red Maiden’, while TREVOR SHIKAZE’s ‘Yawning into the Abyss Again’ toys with the futility of truly understanding just about anything. The highlight for us however, remains ‘Hourglass, Figured’ penned by ELEY WILLIAMS where the style of the writing layout shifts to full-on concrete poetry - shaped in the form of an hourglass

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