Works That Work (WTW) is an international magazine for the curious mind, intending to surprise its readers with a rich mix of diverse subjects connected by the theme of unexpected creativity. WTW, published quarterly, is packed with original, in-depth essays and stories that focus on the impact of design.


WTW latest issue delves into the subject of sports unraveling the 'art' of sports, so to speak; after all, as the issue rightly claims, 'Play is much more than just fun and games'. Developing sportswear for women, fascinating anecdotes of football games between soldiers that halted the World War for a day as well as how coaches use elements of design to conceive sports strategies – this issue is a real winner.

Editor | Peter Biľak

Editorial board | Jonah Goodman, Anne Miltenburg, Ed van Hinte

Copy editing | Ted Whang

Design | Atelier Carvalho Bernau

With this issue 'Play' - WTW takes up the challenge to explore the hidden creativity that spans the world of sports. JUSTIN ZHUANG chronicles the story behind Politricks’ cards that are inspired by the various ‘tricks’ Filipino politicians have used to win elections. CHRISTOF GERTSCH, in a feature titled 'Gaming the Game' considers the history of sports doping and how in the quest for victory, ethics sometimes fall by the wayside. LEANNE PRAIN writes about space play in Zero-Gravity Games. ALAN ZÁRUBA chats with footballer ANTONÍN PANENKA about his childhood and how he invented the penalty kick that bears his name. Introducing a riveting perspective to the world of games, this issue is a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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