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Gather Journal, Issue 6

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Sharing love for food and cooking, Gather Journal started its journey in 2012, bringing a new issue out every 6 months. Winner of a James Beard Award and five Society of Publication Designers Gold Medals, this one is a hoarder’s dream!

With Gather Journal’s sixth issue, there is magic in the air. Now this issue is not to be mistaken as a mere recipe compendium. It’s far from it and it could very well be a letter from one food lover to another, with little notes at the end of each recipe reflecting one’s love affair with food. In between pages, you find musings, post-scripts and essays egging you to linger on, for a little bit longer with the magazine in hand. You find mentioned Shakespeare, Gabriel García Márquez, Houdini (of course!) and Vladimir Nabokov in the pages. Amuse-bouche spell bind you and cocktails enthral you. A magical journey indeed.

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R 1,450.00

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