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Weapons of Reason #2

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The second issue of WoR ‘Megacities (Boom or Bust?)’ suitably highlights how today half of humanity now lives in cities and considerable number from amongst them in the megacities (i.e. metropolises with a population of ten million or more). The blind movement of people from rural area to urban environments is changing how we live in more ways than one – demonstrating the best and worst of humanity. On the one hand there is innovation and high standard of living while on the other crime, poverty and issues of mental heath abound. In this issue, among other stories read:

Lonely in Tokyo – Solitude and suicide, profound problems in Tokyo.
“A city that grew from a sleepy fishing village to a metropolis overnight” – a tag line that introduces Shenzhen (China).
History of Dhaka’s garments industry.
Migration to Karachi.
Cyber crime in Brazil.

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