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Paper Planes

| Posted on: 15-03-2017

Our 4 week journey to raise funds for the ‘Muralswallah’ project of Art Room Foundation came to an end yesterday and we are really thankful to everyone who supported the campaign and helped spread the word. We were able to sell 140 copies of Frank paper!

Needless to add, this would have been impossible (literally) without the support of Handsome Frank and we will remain ever so grateful to them for their support and encouragement.

Also a big THANK YOU to the following people and enterprises who came forth to support the campaign by bulk purchasing copies of Frank:

Ajoy Advani, Filter

Fat Cat’s Café, Pune

Living Free, Kolkata

Ministry of New, Mumbai

Sheena Dhabolkar, Lover

The Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, Mumbai

The Brewhouse, Delhi

The Pantry, Mumbai

*If you haven’t picked up a copy of Frank paper yet but wish to buy it, feel free to reach out to the abovementioned places to pick your copy (if still in stock). You could also check our online store (here) for copies.

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