EVENT | TEDxSALON BANGALORE Posted on: 08-01-2018

Christmas Playlist Posted on: 18-12-2017

MAGAZINE| INTRODUCING Posted on: 06-11-2017

The Move Magazine

MAGAZINE| INTRODUCING Posted on: 01-11-2017

Anxy Magazine

Event| Spoken Fest 2017 Posted on: 31-10-2017

MAGAZINE| INTRODUCING Posted on: 26-10-2017

Drift Magazine

SELECT | ART SHOULD TEMPT Posted on: 25-10-2017

SELECT| SAVE AAREY Posted on: 17-10-2017

MAGAZINE| NEW IN STORE Posted on: 16-10-2017

Cereal Issue #14

Event | Open House 2.0 Posted on: 11-10-2017


MAGAZINE| NEW IN STORE Posted on: 10-10-2017

Kinfolk Issue 25

SELECT| Zine Pop Up Posted on: 21-09-2017

Bombay Underground

COLLABORATIONS | Pop Up Store Posted on: 20-09-2017

Krishna Mehta Pop Up Store

MAGAZINE|Introducing Posted on: 19-09-2017

Lost Magazine

SELECT | MIXX Posted on: 14-09-2017

Boys equal girls

COLLABORATIONS| New Stockist, Ahmedabad Posted on: 13-09-2017

The Project Cafe

MAGAZINE| Introducing Posted on: 12-09-2017

Science of the Secondary

SELECT |Iceland Posted on: 08-09-2017

A brief encounter

COLLABORATIONS | New Stockist, Chennai Posted on: 05-09-2017

The Amethyst Room at Chamiers

Magazine| New in Store Posted on: 30-08-2017

Racquet Issue 4

Magazine | New in Store Posted on: 24-08-2017

Weapons of Reason #4

Event | Gather Release Party Posted on: 24-08-2017


Introducing| Curry Posted on: 13-06-2017

Exploring communities and cultures in India and abroad

New in Store| Storycity Maps & Guides Posted on: 08-06-2017

By Kahani Designworks

Event| Pop Up Shop Posted on: 19-05-2017

Next stop, Bengaluru!

Magazine Folk |Aditi Kapur Posted on: 12-05-2017

Discussing (un)taboo, her recently self-published zine

Introducing | Accent Posted on: 03-05-2017

A biannual photography and lifestyle magazine

CEREAL Vol. 13 Posted on: 25-04-2017

The redesign of CEREAL

Event | A Reading Room Posted on: 11-04-2017

At Le15 Café

Introducing| Pasture Magazine Posted on: 28-03-2017

What goes behind the plate of food

Fund Raising Campaign | 4th and the last week Posted on: 15-03-2017

Thank you to all who supported this.

Fund Raising Campaign | 2nd Week Posted on: 27-02-2017

Interview| Tom Robinson

Fund Raising Campaign | 1st Week Update Posted on: 20-02-2017

Week 1

Fund Raising | Art Room Foundation /FRANK 04 Posted on: 09-02-2017

Be part of our fund raising exercise for Mumbai's favourite Muralswallahs!

2016 on Instagram Posted on: 19-01-2017

Thank you for the love

Introducing| 212 Posted on: 18-11-2016

An international biannual magazine based in Istanbul

Introducing| Concorde Zine Posted on: 18-11-2016

Magazine dedicated to photo-stories from India

Introducing| Filmme Fatales Posted on: 11-11-2016

Films and feminism

Introducing| Weapons of Reason #3 Posted on: 08-11-2016

WoR 3 now in store

CEREAL #12 - Launch Party Posted on: 24-10-2016

Launch Party for CEREAL Vol. 12

Our Folks| Priyanka Shah Posted on: 22-08-2016

Founder & Creative Director of Studio SHED

New Stockist| Jaipur Modern Posted on: 18-08-2016

Our magazines now available in Jaipur

Magazine Folk| Rosa Park Posted on: 01-08-2016

Editor and co-founder of CEREAL

Kadak Posted on: 29-07-2016

A collective as strong as its name

Introducing - Lunch Lady Posted on: 07-07-2016

An Australian quarterly about food+family

Our New Space! Posted on: 05-07-2016

Do stop by - we look forward to seeing you.

Magazine Folk | Paul Willoughby Posted on: 04-07-2016

We talk to the co-founder of Human After All and jury member for Magazine & Newspaper Design category of the D&AD Awards 2016

Magazine Folk| Sheena Dabholkar Posted on: 15-06-2016

We chat with the founder and editor of LOVER

Event | Underground Bookhouse Posted on: 15-06-2016

For the zines and other independent publications

Stockist|Pepper House Design Shop Posted on: 10-06-2016

Find us in Kochi

Event| Launch Helter Skelter Vol. 5 Posted on: 07-06-2016

After the success of its first print edition, the team of Helter Skelter is back with a new anthology exploring the theme 'After Hours'.

Stockists | Nappa Dori Posted on: 18-05-2016

Paper Planes magazine collection now available at Nappa Dori stores

Happy 3rd Anniversary, White Print Posted on: 16-05-2016

Braille lifestyle magazine White Print celebrates its 3rd year anniversary this May

New In Store| The Happy Reader #6 Posted on: 10-05-2016

Now available In Store!

This Week Posted on: 29-04-2016

The New Yorker writers bag Pulitzer, lessons on design from Monocle and Hot Rum Cow now on sale!

New In Store | Focus Photography Book Posted on: 29-04-2016

FOCUS photography book 'Crossover' is now on sale

Event| Legacy of Photojournalism Posted on: 25-04-2016

'The Legacy of Photojournalism' comes to TARQ, Mumbai

Box Fresh | Kyoorius 29 Posted on: 22-04-2016

Kyoorius releases its latest and the last print issue

Event| Please Have A Seat by Sameer Kulavoor Posted on: 15-04-2016

22nd - 30th April, 2016

Introducing| Weapons of Reason 2 Posted on: 11-04-2016

Free copies available In Store - Limited Stock!

Introducing| Filter Press Posted on: 31-03-2016

A design-focused publishing house raising the bar in the areas of book design and production

Introducing| Sirene Journal Posted on: 28-03-2016

The ocean inside and the ocean outside

Murmurs & Cheers| This Week Posted on: 11-03-2016

The U Symposium, L.A. Zine Fest and a long (delectable) read from The California Sunday Magazine

Magazine Folk| Ravina Rawal Posted on: 10-03-2016

Editor, Motherland Magazine

Introducing| The Great Discontent Posted on: 03-03-2016

A magazine featuring inspiring conversations with today's artists, makers, and risk-takers.

Murmurs & Cheers| The Week Ending 26-02-16 Posted on: 26-02-2016

National Magazine Awards, Hyman Archive, Magazine Reading List for 2016.

Introducing| MARFA JOURNAL Posted on: 25-02-2016

A biannual publication made by artists for artists.

Event| Evening at TARQ Posted on: 24-02-2016

A glimpse of the evening that was.

Magazine Folk| Kay Khoo Posted on: 11-02-2016

Creative Director, Kyoorius Magazine

Event | Walk Through at Gallery TARQ Posted on: 10-02-2016

An evening of art and conversations.

JLF16 | Lookback Day 4 Posted on: 24-01-2016

Our last day at the Jaipur Literature Festival.

JLF16| Quick Glance Day 4 Posted on: 24-01-2016

Sunday at the Jaipur Literature Festival.

JLF16| Lookback Day 3 Posted on: 24-01-2016

The pink city is riding on the Jaipur Literature Fest’s enthralling vibe.

JLF16 | Quick Glance Day 3 Posted on: 23-01-2016

Yesterday was exhausting but we’re only raring for more today - Day 3.

JLF16| Lookback Day 2 Posted on: 22-01-2016

“I am of the generation where there were a lot of dots.” Margaret Atwood (JLF 2016)

JLF16| Quick Glance Day 2 Posted on: 22-01-2016

Day 2 promises to be as exciting as the first day!

JLF16 |Lookback Day 1 Posted on: 21-01-2016

Our first day at Jaipur Literature Festival.

JLF16 | Quick Glance Day 1 Posted on: 20-01-2016

Day 1 is here and JLF is about to start.

Event| Jaipur Literature Festival 2016 Posted on: 20-01-2016

We’re in Jaipur to attend the Literature Festival (Also, party) !

Murmurs & Cheers| The Week Ending 17-01-16 Posted on: 16-01-2016

Exciting changes at Disegno, David Bowie and feminist music magazines.

Event | India Art Fair 2016 Posted on: 15-01-2016

India Art Fair 2016 starts on the 28th and we are attending.

Murmurs & Cheers| The Week Ending 09-01-16 Posted on: 08-01-2016

In search of lost time, Bidoun online archive and a magazine outlet.

Introducing | Another Escape Posted on: 08-01-2016

A magazine celebrating outdoor lifestyle, creative culture and sustainable living.

Murmurs & Cheers| The Week Ending 26-12-15 Posted on: 26-12-2015

New titles launched this year, men's lifestyle publishing and more.

Introducing|MOOD Posted on: 24-12-2015

MOOD Music & Food Magazine.

Murmurs & Cheers| The Week Ending 11-12-15 Posted on: 11-12-2015

New magazine, Virtual Reality and Lusting after Cover.

Introducing| Holo Posted on: 10-12-2015

A magazine about ‘emerging trajectories in art, science and technology’.

Murmurs & Cheers| The Week Ending 4-12-15 Posted on: 04-12-2015

Fashion publishing, zine library and about unapologetically sharing your emotions.

Magazine Folk| Sameer Kulavoor Posted on: 03-12-2015

Visual artist and founder of design studio Bombay Duck Designs.

Introducing| Lagom Posted on: 01-12-2015

A creative lifestyle indie published in the UK.

Guest Post| Introducing 'Put A Egg On It' Posted on: 25-11-2015

A New York City based zine about food, cooking and the communal joys of eating.

Murmurs & Cheers| The Week Ending 20-11-15 Posted on: 20-11-2015

Creative Images, Apartamento, Gaysi Zine

Introducing: Hot Rum Cow Posted on: 17-11-2015

A magazine celebrating the wonderful world of drinks by exploring the stories and people behind them.

Magazine Folk: Seb Emina Posted on: 03-11-2015

Editor-in-chief, The Happy Reader

Murmurs & Cheers: The Week Ending 24-10-15 Posted on: 24-10-2015

Zinester, The New Yorker and more.

Introducing: All-In Posted on: 23-10-2015

A biannual arts and culture print publication.

Introducing: Gym Class Magazine Posted on: 22-10-2015

'A printed zine about magazines and the peeps who make them'.

Murmurs & Cheers: The Week Ending 16-10-15 Posted on: 16-10-2015

Playboy, NYTimes, Pitchfork..and more

Introducing: Cherry Bombe Posted on: 15-10-2015

A biannual publication that celebrates women and food.

Magazine Folk: Myles Estey Posted on: 13-10-2015

Editor-in-chief of ‘Makeshift’, a quarterly magazine finding and reporting on hidden creativity from across the world.

Introducing: Smith Journal Posted on: 09-10-2015

A quarterly, Australia-based lifestyle publication.

Box Fresh: The Outpost, Issue 6 Posted on: 05-10-2015

The latest issue of The Outpost, examines 'The Possibilities of Our Body'.

Guest Post: Introducing The Pitchfork Review Posted on: 29-09-2015

A print magazine from Pitchfork, an influential online music magazine devoted to music criticism and journalism.

Magazine Folk: Priya Gangwani Posted on: 24-09-2015

Behind the Scenes with The Gaysi Zine.

Introducing: FUET Posted on: 23-09-2015

Food and its peripheries.

Behind the scenes with White Print Posted on: 18-09-2015

White Print, a Braille lifestyle magazine in India.

Introducing: Apartamento Posted on: 14-09-2015

An everyday life interiors magazine.

Box Fresh: Showroom Issue 2 Posted on: 04-09-2015

Poster Art curated by Lovebirds. Now available InStore.

Introducing: frankie Posted on: 03-09-2015

'Dear frankie' - Our letter to frankie.

Introducing: Kyoorius Posted on: 01-09-2015

Kyoorius (as a platform) is an ode to the creative community and a celebration of their achievements.

Box Fresh: The Happy Reader, Summer 2015 Posted on: 28-08-2015

A dazzling date with the comedian Aziz Ansari, plus a sun-drenched odyssey through the pages of Corsican travel classic Granite Island.

Introducing: [Wherever] Posted on: 27-08-2015

An Out of Place Journal

Introducing: Lucky Peach Posted on: 20-08-2015

A quarterly on food, writing and art.

Introducing: The Travel Almanac Posted on: 19-08-2015

Examination of post-touristic matters.

Introducing: mono.kultur Posted on: 13-08-2015

An interview magazine from Berlin.

Introducing: Perdiz Posted on: 11-08-2015

"Happiness is Contagious".

Introducing: 032c Posted on: 06-08-2015

A culture magazine, chronicling the contemporary times.

Update Posted on: 06-08-2015

Some new changes..hurray!

Box Fresh - Motherland, Issue #15 'Nurse' Posted on: 05-08-2015

Brand new issue of Motherland, now available In Store.

Introducing: Dumbo Feather Posted on: 03-08-2015

Conversations with extraordinary people.

Pop Up - Our Very First Posted on: 26-07-2015

Pune 28.07.2015 - Do Come!

Introducing: Avaunt Posted on: 10-07-2015

A striking new biannual print magazine from the makers of PORT.

Introducing: Four&Sons Posted on: 03-07-2015

A biannual publication where dogs and cultures collide.

Introducing: Offscreen Magazine Posted on: 20-06-2015

An independent print publication about “people who use internet and technology to be creative, solve problems, and build successful businesses..."

Box Fresh: Gather Journal, Issue 7 'Spectrum' Posted on: 12-06-2015

Gather Journal's new issue "Spectrum" is out now.

Introducing: Works That Work Posted on: 05-06-2015

Introducing: Works That Work, a self-published magazine about how, why and what people create.

Pineapple, Issue One Posted on: 04-06-2015

Airbnb launches its print magazine 'Pineapple', connecting hosts and guests across the world.

Magazine Folk: Ryan Fitzgibbon Posted on: 25-05-2015

Founder and Editor-in-chief, Hello Mr.

Magazine Folk: Christoph Amend Posted on: 28-04-2015

Editor-in-chief of ZEITmagazin International Issue - The Berlin State of Mind.

PaperPlanes/Shares - Collaboration with Kuhu Kochar Posted on: 23-04-2015

This April we did something new again !

Guestbook - the journal Posted on: 17-04-2015

Guestbook - a lifestyle journal by Onefinestay.

PaperPlanes/Share Posted on: 22-03-2015

PaperPlanes/Share is a new chapter in the journey of Paper Planes.

Showroom Issue No. 1 Posted on: 16-03-2015

The Lovebirds team talks to us about their new indie magazine Showroom.

It's Nice That Annual 2014 Posted on: 13-03-2015

Now Available on our Online Store: It's Nice That Annual 2014

100% Sketch Book Posted on: 05-03-2015

100% Zine, Issue #6 - A peek down the rabbit hole, where artists doodle and sketch as they wander.

The Helter Skelter, Anthology of New Writing Posted on: 25-02-2015

The online magazine, Helter Skelter, forays into print publishing with this Anthology of New Writing.

What I Love About Movies by Little White Lies Posted on: 09-02-2015

Now Available on our Online Store: What I Love About Movies by Little White Lies

Weapons of Reason, Issue #1 ‘Appetite for the Arctic’ Posted on: 09-02-2015

Now Available on our Online Store: Weapons of Reason ‘Appetite for the Arctic’.

Monocle, The Forecast 2015 Posted on: 09-02-2015

Now available on our Online Store: The Forecast 2015

Our Online Store Goes Live! Posted on: 09-02-2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls – we are opening the virtual doors to our online store!

Motherland, Issue #13 Military Posted on: 04-02-2015

With its latest issue Military, Motherland, a quarterly magazine published by creative agency Wieden + Kennedy Delhi, continues its tradition of sharing stories that form part of contemporary Indian culture, one unique theme at a time.

Award it. Posted on: 15-01-2015

Magazine Design, has come to be recognized as a force to reckon with and hence deserving of an award category of its own by many creative communities.

Charlie Hebdo Posted on: 08-01-2015

It was a woeful day yesterday, when yet again our right to freedom of expression was threatened and saw retaliation unmatched and cowardly,

The Happy Reader Posted on: 02-01-2015

A seasonal magazine for readers, The Happy Reader is a model book club in print.

Paper Planes has formally Launched! Posted on: 20-11-2014

Brace yourself people! Some seriously awesome print is coming your way.

Cover Lust Posted on: 06-11-2014

We, magazine junkies, often share a common affliction - addiction to magazine covers.

Episodes Posted on: 06-11-2014

The story of the beginning of Paper Planes is perhaps similar to the beginning of many startup stories

First of All Posted on: 06-11-2014

First of all – we love print! And above all – we love magazines!

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