One can review this issue published by 100% Zine, with just one line actually – Art for art’s sake. Really this one is a no-brainer, if you love art and thrive on art, then this issue is here to pander to your passion.

Peek down the rabbit hole, where artists doodle and sketch as they wander. What does that mean, you ask? Well, in this issue, you find 14 visual artists (illustrators, painters, graphic designers, architects.. the whole gamut really) each sharing a few pages from their sketch book, letting you see what goes on in their head, so to speak. Each of these artists introduce themselves in the issue and you know you want to look them up instantly.

100% Zine is a non-profit initiative steered by the team at Locopopo Designs and Bombay Duck Designs; all contributions go towards producing the zine and upkeep of its website. Curators/Editors/Designers Sameer Kulavoor and Lokesh Karekar, launched this zine in 2013. Each issue of this zine is focused on a single topic and is aimed at introducing contemporary designers and artists and celebrating their works. They often partner with galleries/shops/media houses to print and produce each issue.

For issue 6, 100% zine has collaborated with Rubberband (craftsmen of gorgeous stationery). And this collaboration has another perk i.e. a few extra pages in the sketchbook for your absolute doodling pleasure. After you’re done feasting your eyes on the endless sketches that are packed like sardines (I am not complaining!), you are encouraged to pick up your HBs and start/continue your own journey. For someone like me, whose artistic skills are limited to photo filters/editors on Instagram – I am going to just let the temptation pass, lest I ruin a perfectly gorgeous zine.

What makes this zine so remarkable is not just the artwork within its pages – it’s the very zine itself. The A5 size and stitch binding lends the whole sketchbook character to the zine, a very clever approach indeed. This is the thing about this zine – they experiment with the look and design with every issue (the previous issue was of super gigantic dimensions – see image below) which makes you look forward to the next one.

That said, if you are looking for write-ups and features you may be looking at the wrong place – this is a zine for artists and art enthusiasts. A visual delight, but I am afraid there is not much to read.

So sally out forth, you art crazy people, and add this one to your growing library next to your easel.