With the motive of bringing to our attention those who dare to live life their way, Accent magazine is a bi-annual photography and lifestyle print magazine based out of UK. Celebrating extraordinary lives - the magazine shares stories of people who have made the world a better place without having found it necessary to do anything more than being true to what they belive, and living life on their own terms.

Issue 2 of the magazine came with two limited-edition covers featuring Lucia Lucas, a transgender opera diva, and Andrew Logan, the eccentric artist and founder of the Alternative Miss World, respectively.

We got lucky with the cover dedicated to the starry eyed, ever-smiling, Andrew Logan. The issue traces Logan’s journey thus far, reflecting on his life and work. Interestingly, you also find the cover and many of the pages with his profile, embellished with his doodles and wise words.

Aside from the long-form profile on Andrew Logan, the issue covers other fascinating reads such as one titled 'SOLAR' a feature story on the constantly shrinking conditions of Cuban homes, with which the issue kicks-off; as well as interview with Lucia Lucas. Lucas's heartfelt interview accompanies photographs of her posing for the camera, proud in her female body, soon after her transition from a man to a woman. Another engaging piece in the issue is dedicated to the completely bizarre obsession of decorating race cars as witnessed in America. The issue also offers a peek inside varied cultures and recently birthed trends – with of course brilliant photography in tow.

Predominantly inclined towards photographs, each story in the issue comprises text not more than what is necessary to give context to the reader. So while you enjoy what you read, there is plenty to gather from the photographs that form part of the stories/features, filling in the gaps that words leave behind.