The much-awaited re-designed volume of CEREAL magazine just arrived with us and with quickened heart beats, we flipped through the magazine to savour all that is new. Here’s bringing you up to speed with the design changes in the new volume and why this volume too should promptly find a place on your shelf.

The most prominent change of Spring/Summer 2017 volume is the masthead that gets bigger and bolder. What also does not go unnoticed is the cover photograph, which in trademark CEREAL style, whilst remaining minimalistic with a fair amount of white space – also gets bigger.

The bonus however is the use of the textured paper for the cover that subtly lifts the quality of the magazine a notch above the rest. In our opinion, the other most significant and welcome departure, from its previous editions, is the adding of colour to the cover. While the choice of colour in this redesigned volume is grey, the upcoming volumes, we understand, will experiment with the colour wheel perhaps a little more though it will be safe to assume that the colours of choice will remain the cool/warm undertones that we have come to love, from the CEREAL stable.

The redesigned new volume marks the 5th year anniversary of the magazine, celebrating a milestone in CEREAL’s journey, in a way. The magazine has come a long way since its launch as a quarterly magazine (now published biannually), going from strength to strength. While the magazine saw multiple design iterations over the years, arguably none have been as big and visually redefining as this new volume. Chic and elegance has thus far defined CEREAL’s visual language and this new volume continues the legacy in a more confident avatar.

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