Words are often restricted by language, syntax and sometimes, context. Visuals, on the other hand, have a convenient way of making themselves accessible to all. The printed word has been around for long – people around the world continue to vow on the sheer joy of holding something in your hands than swiping smartphones. Combining his love for images and the printed product, Kishor Krishnamoorthi put together Concorde Zine which, in his words, aims “to make people experience photography in the print medium as well as to showcase good photography in an effective way that communicates the story”.

At its sixth issue now, putting together a magazine dedicated to photo-stories has not been an easy going. The painstaking process begins with picking the right theme for a new issue. Kishor invests in the mundane, allowing the readers to explore a frame in all its dimensions and while they have the issue in their hands, experience the tangibility of human emotion, literally. “Daily life scenes inspire me the most. There is art in all of life's activities and I want to showcase the little things that we overlook in our busy lifestyles,” says Kishor. Previous issues have explored topics like ‘Chai’, ‘Barbers’ and ‘Bars’. For Kishor, the process is one that demands research – perspectives, associations, metaphors and documentation all feed from his source material. In the grand scheme of things, it is important that “we document life in India for an archival purpose, to be seen by future readers and anthropologists.”

Perhaps the greatest contribution of Concorde Zine is in the hope it brings to the photojournalism scene in India. “There is tremendous potential in India for photojournalism, given our vast population and rich culture. Every street corner has a story waiting to be told and it is up to us to find them to and showcase them to the wider world.” Between these stories that wait to be told, Kishor is also excited about the path Concorde Zine will be taking. “Honestly, I didn't think we make it past a few months but I am overjoyed that we've completed a year in publishing with 6 issues, an international award nomination and a global readership. In one year, I aim to see Concorde with a sustainable financial model, a larger distribution and a wider pool of contributors shooting stories all across the country.”

Kishor is currently working on the next issue which has the working title 'Overloaded' and images of vehicles carrying too many things/people are at the heart of that story.

You can read more about the issues and buy them online here.