Presenting — Oddly Enough, a brand-new salon series by Paper Planes

Design is undoubtedly an intrinsic part of our daily lives. We’re incredibly curious about this intersection of design with the everyday – whether it’s through the books we hold, the tech we encounter, or the future we’re prepping for. With Oddly Enough, we’re tuning into that frequency.

Starting off March 30, we will gather every alternate month to discuss the many manners in which thoughtful design coincides with our lives.

The first edition of Oddly Enough looks at a topic that’s incredibly close to our hearts and tangential to the universe of everyday design: independent magazines.

For a number of years now, we’ve been working closely with independent publishers and sharing some of the world’s best independent magazines with Indian readers. As supporters of indie magazines, we’re conscious of the delightful space these publications inhabit in the world at large. In India, the independent magazine space is still young, but there’s been a growing appreciation of quality content and a rising interest in publishing independently. In light of these happenings, we thought it’s time to turn our eye on magazine-making.

Our panel comprises experts in the field. The panellists have worked behind the scenes of some really good publications, online and in print. Introducing:

Karanjeet Kaur, Creative Editor, Arré
Karanjeet Kaur is the Creative Editor at Arré, a digital media platform. She was formerly the Deputy Editor of National Geographic Magazine (India) and has written for publications like Mint Lounge, The Hindu, Time Out, and Caravan Magazine. Last year, she published a book for children, titled A Cloud of Trash, for Pratham Books.

Meera Ganapathi, Editor and Founder of The Soup Magazine
The Soup Magazine is an independent digital publication with insightful stories from contemporary India. Meera also comes with years of experience in advertising — she’s worked with agencies like Creativeland Asia, Ogilvy and Leo Burnett Orchard. She’s written two books for children, Uma vs Upma and the soon-to-release The Girl Who Could Not Stop Laughing, for Pratham Books.

Anand Katakam, Freelance Journalist
Until early February, Anand was the manager for data products at Earlier, he was news applications head at the Hindustan Times, a visual journalist at and a co-founder of The 545, a website focused on the general elections in India.

Oddly Enough Nº1: Making Independent Magazines

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