UPDATE: Due to the Covid-19 situation in India and updates from the state government, this edition of Oddly Enough stands cancelled.

Presenting — the fifth edition of Oddly Enough, a series by Paper Planes

Design is all around us, and we’re often unaware of its constant impact in our everyday lives. With Oddly Enough, we gather to explore this interaction in seen and unseen ways, to look at issues that impact our lives and to understand how design makes our world better or (in some cases) worse.

For instance, with our climate in crisis, frightfully polluted air, land and water, a growing population, and a rapidly shifting economy and culture, how will one of our most fundamental needs — food — be affected?

At our next session of Oddly Enough, we’re gathering to understand what the future of food looks like. In particular: where will our food come from? It’s a question that, as conscious consumers, we need to care about now more than ever.

How will the role of technology and design shape the way we produce food? How can we make the most of our limited space in our city homes? How can we be more mindful and more sustainable in our choices? Join us as we trace a blueprint for our future.

Oddly Enough Nº5: Where Will Our Food Come From? will take place at 11am on Sunday, March 15, 2020 at G5A, Mahalaxmi in Mumbai. Tickets here.

Our panel comprises researchers, designers and experts working closely in the food space to encourage sustainable growth and consumption and to introduce viable alternatives. We have marine ecologist and geographer Divya Karnad, permaculturist Himanshu Arteev, and Ramya Ramamurthy of The Good Food Institute India. The panel will be moderated by food writer (and our Pantry-Trippin’ columnist) Roshni Bajaj Sanghvi.

The panel discussion will be followed by a mixer, co-hosted with Moonshine Meadery.

Divya Karnad

Marine Ecologist, Geographer & Co-founder, InSeason Fish
With over a decade of experience in coastal and marine conservation, Divya’s unique approach combining seafood consumption and marine conservation has won her several international accolades. InSeason Fish is India’s first sustainable seafood initiative which provides a seasonal guide to consuming seafood sustainably. She is also an Assistant Professor at Ashoka University. Most recently, she became the first Indian woman to win the Future for Nature Award, a global conservation award given to three people across the world every year.

Himanshu Arteev

Permaculturist & Co-founder, Ananas Design
Himanshu is a permaculturist with a background in sustainable architecture, water management and landscape design. His work revolves around designing whole systems with a regenerative approach. He co-founded Ananas, an ecological landscape design company based in Bangalore, designing systems that grow food forests, harness and conserve water, restore soil and build systems that eventually take care of themselves using permaculture techniques. Their work ranges from rural farms to urban commons, small landscapes to large scale restoration and reforestation, using permaculture techniques. Himanshu also works on sustainable water management and wetland design with architecture studio Biome and is a landscape designer for Afforestt.

Ramya Ramamurthy

Communications Specialist, The Good Food Institute India & Co-host, Feeding 10 Billion Podcast
Ramya is a media professional with 18 years of work experience spanning print media, broadcast television news, documentary filmmaking and digital media. She is the Communications Specialist at The Good Food Institute (GFI) India, an organisation working with scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs focused on making cultivated meat and plant-based alternatives to animal products. She co-hosts the IVM podcast Feeding 10 Billion along with The Good Food Institute’s Varun Deshpande. She is also a published author – her first book Re-Build – How Brands In India Overcame Crisis and Emerged Stronger, Better, Wiser, commissioned by Hachette Publishers, has been in bookstores and online since April 2018.

Roshni Bajaj Sanghvi (Moderator)

Food Writer
Roshni, a graduate of the French Culinary Institute (now International Culinary Centre) in NYC, lives in Mumbai and writes mostly about food and travel. She’s a contributing editor at Vogue magazine, and her words have also been found in Conde Nast Traveller, Mint Lounge, Scroll.in, The Hindu, Saveur, The Guardian, and Travel + Leisure, among others. Roshni also writes a regular column called Pantry Trippin’ for Paper Planes, where she unearths the cultural connections of cookware and other kitchen paraphernalia from around the world.