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Just in case you did not get the memo, honorifics has a new member - ‘Mx’ for people who are identifying out of the gender binary; and “they” is the new singular, gender-neutral pronoun. Lexical trends have evolved to catch up to societal changes - get on board.

Gender binary is the idea that there are two distinct genders, one male and one female, with nothing in between. MIXX is a new venture (co-founded by Ruchika Parab, Janina Frahm and Shruti Singhi) launched with the aim of highlighting the need for and building gender-fluid, non-binary communities. And they are wearing their mission on their chest, so to speak.

Few genres welcome change as relentlessly and have such everlasting impact as fashion. Gender-fluid, non-binary communities have always found representation in fashion - Jean Paul Gaultier put a man in a skirt back in 1984. MIXX has chosen fashions’ favorite weapon - the humble ‘T-Shirt’- to make their statement. Their comfortable and stylish unisex t-shirts read “Let’s ditch the binary, the codes, the roles, the rules, the expectations, the ‘boys don’t cry’, ‘sit like a girl’, ‘act like a lady’, crap. Let’s shake it down, let’s mix things up, let’s send girls to Mars, let’s turn boys into the best dads they can be. Let gender not be the end(er) to potential and possibilities”.

The t-shirt is accompanied by a look-book, which is a precursor to a zine that MIXX wishes to put together to start conversations around the idea of gender equality in urban settings. They are currently seeking submissions from visual artists and designers for their upcoming edition – reach out if you wish to contribute.

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Image Credit: Mixx, Keegan Crasto