MOOD Music & Food Magazine is exactly what it sounds like. It brings together apparently strange bedfellows – Food and Music –in a sublime way. MOOD is an ad-free quarterly indie magazine, designed by Appelsap. Mario Villar Sanjurjo is the editorial director, and Emma Hovel is the creative director. They both are the co-founders as well and started creating the magazine in Brussels, but have now moved to Brooklyn.

As I mentioned earlier, food and music might sound like an unusual combination for a magazine but in real life, if you think about it, music is always a key part of our eating out experiences. To be honest, I dug into the magazine without reading about its background, and without even paying attention to its very clever logo which brings together a music record and a burger like they have been best friends since the dawn of time. While browsing through the first few stories, I thought that it’s another interesting food magazine. Only once I moved further on, the music stories kept getting larger - still blended well with food, and I realized what this magazine was truly about.

The 6th issue of the magazine starts off with Nele Van den Broeck, a Belgian musician. It’s a small perky piece about her music, her songwriting, influence of the sixties in her music, followed by the recipe of meatballs with cherry sauce by Nele. The interview with young Icelandic musician Ásgeir Trausti Einarsson makes for a good leisurely read, in which five out of the six pages are completely devoted to words.

Len Haugerud takes us to a charming music festival in ‘Træna’, Norway through his essay, which nicely covers the terrain, music and food. I am already Googling information about the place and the festival which is a great testimony to the terrific writing of the piece.

My favorite piece though is a story about these five guys who launched The New York Pizza Project, “a coffee table book documenting New York City's last authentic pizzerias through photography and interviews.” In the story in the magazine, each of the guys picks their most favorite local pizza joints in NYC and talk about why they like it. Any of you heading to New York City soon, please don’t forget to bookmark this.

So here’s the final gist. MOOD is an easy read. I especially love its clean and minimalistic layout with very interesting use of mild and yet vivacious colors on matt pages. And thanks to the unique combination of food and music, you can be rest assured that most of the stories are bound to be quite interesting and offbeat.

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