The news of Lucky Peach, the much loved and eagerly followed US based quarterly food magazine, folding, came to many of us as a surprise and left us (like many of its other followers) sad and lost. While it is true that the legacy of the magazine is not easily replaceable and the loss is real, there are still good food publications out there, which continue to strive to take us along on food adventures. So, No! Not all hope is lost.

Talking of food publications, the recently launched, Pasture magazine from UK, looks rather promising. Editor-in-chief & founder, Samuel Moppett, launched Pasture’s very first issue (Issue 0) not too long ago. The idea behind this bi-annual magazine is to cover stories that explore everything that happens before a finished plate of food arrives, in other words, ‘inspire and educate’. Going behind the scenes and asking tons of questions (for the benefit of any food enthusiast) defines the approach to the writing in the magazine.

The first issue of the magazine explores the craft of bread kneading to beef rearing. Interview with chefs’ of restaurants, 64 degrees and Silo (both in UK), deliver lessons in ‘respect for food’ and cooking with ‘local produce’. In a conversation with the main man of Brooklyn Brewery in New York, Andrew Gerson, the true place of Beers at the table is re-examined and an enthusiastic case for beer pairing is made (I for one, did not need much convincing here). Sheep, mushroom, dairy also find their way into the first issue.

The format of the magazine seems to follow the general norm as far as food magazines go, content paired with bold and large photography, using double page spread to really showcase the beauty of food – of course, we are not complaining at all. We wish the magazine and its team all the luck and we look forward to more detailed features and stories in the upcoming issues about food and its ‘beginnings’.

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