Sirene is a magazine that is all about the ocean – that’s all I needed to know to get lured; I guess the name served its purpose! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the copy, which I knew was on its way, courtesy its founder and co-editor, Floriana Cavallo. But this was one title, I did not wish to devour hungrily, wanting instead to relish it, word by word, photograph by photograph, page by page… at a leisurely pace doing justice to the idea behind the magazine, letting the words remind me of the soothing waters and ocean breeze – hoping also desperately and vicariously to escape the excruciating heat of this city that appears to have reached a boiling point. My experience was one of absolute unadulterated pleasure.

Anchored in Italy, Sirene is independently published. Enveloped in a white cover with its simple and clean layout, the magazine makes it easier to transition into a languid state of mind best suited for enjoying ocean stories, I reckon. The paper of the magazine is made from recycled algae, a little piece of information I found on the back cover of the magazine. Apart from making the magazine more endearing, with this knowledge I also found myself admiring the sincerity of the team towards its subject.

The second issue of the magazine that released not too long ago in December last year embraces the ocean as a whole – there are stories of its surprising beauty, of how it turns itself into an inspiration for many, of its destruction that we must stand up against, of the silent encounters with life underwater and determined journeys of the explorers. A little short of 100 pages, the contents of the magazine do not overwhelm you but is just enough to remind you of the ocean outside and the ocean inside, also the strap line of the magazine. A slice of ocean for one to cherish, experience it for your self.

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