It is fair to observe that the mood of our country is changing and we as consumers have evolved. The blinkers are finally off, so to speak, and we are ready to appreciate art for arts sake. Spearheading this change is a vibrant and fast growing community of graphic designers, illustrators, type designers, animators, advertisers, and other blessed souls who are part of this creative community. The role of design in our day-to-day choices can no longer be marginalized. We are not only making more informed choices owing to their participation but also witnessing how design can make a positive change in the society.

Kyoorius (as a platform) is an ode to this community and a celebration of their achievements. An initiative by Transasia Fine Papers Pvt Ltd, the Kyoorius brand has come to be recognized as torchbearers of the community in India (pioneers of sorts), finding ways to bring closer its various participants and create a pool of knowledge and experience for the community to benefit from.

The two initiatives that have established this identity of the brand are Kyroorius Designyatra and Kyoorius magazine.

Kyoorius magazine is a repertoire of stories showcasing how this rapidly growing world of design is making a difference in your and my life by providing a tangible context to the designs that we find ourselves surrounded with these days and by introducing us to the source of imagination and talent behind these works of art. A bi-monthly publication, which caters not just to creative professionals and those aspiring to be, but also the outsiders who appreciate design and are curious to learn more about the people responsible for making their lives more colourful and engaging.

The most recent issue of Kyoorius magazine is a perfect example of why this magazine will appeal to any one with a keen sense of design and not just professionals. The issue kicks off with a feature on cinema posters that have ceaselessly captured the imagination of movie-goers and the role of publicity designers today to ensure that the movie buffs continue to be enamored. Following this engaging feature, is a fascinating article on the latest feat under the genre of publication design/documentary-making by the team of Anugraha, a design studio led by Deshna Mehta, which successfully captured the experience of the largest religious gathering on earth, the Maha Kumbh Mela (2013) in its visual handbook and documentary (funded and commissioned by Madhoor Builders). The 1500 pages spanning over 8 volumes of the handbook evidence the depth of the coverage and enormity of the project.

In the article ‘The Road to Zaya’ under the section titled Design for Good in the issue, one is introduced to Zaya Learning Labs which has created its own ‘Blended Learning Model’ for low-income Indian market, which is a programme that combines traditional methods of teaching with technology, targeted at making the learning experience better for all students. This article is an example of how design can be and is being used to constructively make lives better and bring about a positive change.

Kyoorius Designyatra on the other hand, is an annual conference on design and innovation. It is literally, a convergence of the best minds in the creative field across India. Held in Goa, each year, the event sees a stellar line up of speakers (Indian as well as International), recognized as path-breakers in their respective design niches, sharing their vision, experiences and learnings.

This year Kyoorius is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Designyatra and not long from today, September 10th to September 12th, to be precise, Goa will once again witness a surge of creative energy non-stop, for 3 days. Our excitement for this event is doubled because this is the first time, Paper Planes will be part of the event. Aye Aye sir! We are going to be there for 3 days straight soaking up all the energy. We will also be hosting a pop-up during the 3 days of the event, showcasing our selection of magazines! So if you are there, do drop by and say hola!

And of course there is more good news. As you can imagine from the post, we are quite charmed by this title and our love for design is evident from what we do. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce that you can now purchase Kyoorius magazine on our website, starting with their very latest issue 26. Enjoy!

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