“Nothing really goes according to plan when I travel, but that is exactly why it is so exhilarating” reads Lee Chang Ming’s personal essay on her trip to Sri Lanka from the third issue of the Lost magazine.

One of the very few bilingual publications coming from China, Lost is a magazine about self–discovery through travel. It transverses the realms of fancy hotels and tourist spots weaving together cities, towns and continents through the thread of real stories and travel epiphanies from people around the world. It goes beyond the way a place looks, delving into what the place makes you feel; placing importance on people, conversations and experiences. A fine example of how the same place is different for two different travelers, this magazine is full of intimate, personal reflections.

The fact that this yearly magazine’s inspiration comes from creator Nelson Ng’s solo ship journey from China to Japan ensures that Lost is both stunning and spirited. After all, travel isn’t about sightseeing but what goes on in your mind as you venture into the journey. And hence, stories of three intimidating blokes turning out to be choir singers, or a photo series on taxis in Japan; all narrated first hand make for an interesting read. We’d say immerse yourself into the world of Lost, so that you can find yourself again as you look at the world through the lens of kind strangers, calm music festivals, temple stays and globetrotters.

So far, four issues of Lost have been published. The next issue is scheduled to be out by the end of this year, as stated by the Lost team.

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