Stories from around the web that found our fancy

At Paper Planes, we love to read — and we’re consistently drawn to great stories centred around design, books and culture. With ‘Things to Read’, we share with you the best stories, from around the web, that we’ve read recently. Enjoy.

The Cup Noodle Industrial Complex
After eating what seems to be every imaginable flavour of Cup Noodle in Japan, writer and food stylist Hannah Kirshner tracks the journey of the instant-noodle champion across the globe for online magazine Taste. “The gold bars and serifed red type of Cup Noodle (as iconic as a package of Oreos or a can of Coke) stand out — with a parade of constantly rotating new flavours,” she writes. Read it here.

Why the Art World Needs to Wake Up to the Kashmir Crisis
It’s been nearly two months since the lockdown in Kashmir commenced. For Frieze Magazine, writer Skye Arundhati Thomas examines the responsibility of the art world in the case of crisis. Read it here.

My Love Affair with Chairs
This delicate ode to chairs is an excerpt from a collection of essays by Keah Brown, a journalist and disability rights advocate. We don’t want to risk giving too much away by saying any more, but do stay with it until the end. Read it here.

‘Went around for 5 years peddling New Bombay plan’
One of many engaging interviews from Mumbai Mirror’s new series ‘Mumbai Mirrored’, this one has urban planner Shirish Patel in conversation with Meenal Baghel, editor of the newspaper. He speaks about what the city was like in the 1950s, what went into setting up New Bombay, and what made the word ‘builder’ an unpleasant word in Bombay’s dictionary. Read it here.

What Susan Sontag Saw
The just-released Sontag by Benjamin Moser is posed to be the “definitive portrait” of the literary star. This excerpt, published in The Paris Review, is a study on the makings of the Susan Sontag — an intriguing read for anyone who’s been gripped by her work. Read it here.