Stories from around the web that found our fancy

At Paper Planes, we love to read — and we’re consistently drawn to great stories centred around design, books and culture. With ‘Things to Read’, we share with you the best stories, from around the web, that we’ve read recently. Enjoy.

Sound and the City
The ill-effects of noise pollution have been talked about a lot in recent years. This longform piece in Curbed looks at our cities getting noisier, where to find a moment of quiet in the din, and how silence is becoming a luxury few can afford. Read it here.

Fuel for the Fire: Inside the Community Kitchen of Shaheen Bagh
What does it take to run a community kitchen for a protest camp? In this heartwarming story in The Goya Journal, read about where the food to feed the protestors — the men and women against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act for about a month and a half now — at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh comes from, the volunteers that help run the 24x7 protest camp, and the secular community spirit that keeps them all warm against the cold. Read it here.

Cats Are Making Australia’s Bushfire Tragedy Even Worse
Cats are the worst… is what might cross your mind when you read this Wired article which talks about how feral cats are aggravating the ecological crisis in Australia — caused by the massive bushfires — by hunting animals injured in the fires. The cats aren’t native to the continent, making it harder for native animals to avoid and escape them. Read it here.

What Neapolitans Understand about Death (Better Than Most)
This Literary Hub essay by journalist Lucia Benavides is about her encounters in Naples — specifically, with the Neapolitans’ strange and liberating relationship with death. It’s a wonderful dive into the city’s rich culture, literature and traditions, and — like a good piece of travel writing should — it makes you want to pack your bags for Naples right now. Read it here.

The Fraught Business of Removing and Selling Street Art Murals
This Artsy piece talks about the logistics of extracting a piece of street art from a wall, the legality of auctioning and selling it and whether the artists ever condone it. Read it here.