Stories from around the web that found our fancy

At Paper Planes, we love to read — and we’re consistently drawn to great stories centred around design, books and culture. With ‘Things to Read’, we share with you the best stories, from around the web, that we’ve read recently. Enjoy.

The Common Element Uniting Worldwide Protests
This story in The Atlantic examines the “leaderless” nature of several grassroots protest movements around the world that have emerged this year. Considering our current political landscape, this makes for an especially enlightening read. Read it here.

How The Ordinary Perfected the Art of Medical Minimalism
The Economist’s 1843 looks at how skincare brand The Ordinary, has perfected the strategy of “unselling” and how its “medicinal minimal” packaging makes it a hit with millennials in this short piece. Read it here.

The Year Women Got ‘Horny’
A word once decidedly used by and for juvenile boys and crass men is now being reclaimed by women. This New York Times story looks at the etymology of ‘horny’ and how the word has become popular with women this year, stripping it, to some extent, of its masculine (and phallic) symbolism. Read it here.

The Art Movements of the 2010s
We’re at the end of a decade — one that has seen a number of rapid, trailblazing changes. This Artsy piece looks at the art movements over the last ten years that are sure to leave a mark. Read it here. There are a few other decade-end stories that also caught our attention — like this New York Times story shares 33 Ways to Remember the 2010s, this piece by Verge on 32 Moments That Made the Decade looks at the trends that shaped the tech world, and this one from Vanity Fair lists out the 10 Best TV Shows of the 2010s.