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At Paper Planes, we love to read — and we’re consistently drawn to great stories centred around design, books and culture. With ‘Things to Read’, we share with you the best stories from around the web.

This month is special — in preparation for our upcoming edition of Oddly Enough N°5: Where Will Our Food Come From?, we’re sharing some of our favourite stories on the topic. Read on.

The World is Losing Fish to Eat as Oceans Warm, Study Finds
This New York Times story explains how human-triggered climate change is affecting fish populations around the world and its impact on fisheries. It points to a need for sustainable fishing and for curbing the rapidly heating climate if we are to give marine populations a chance to survive. Read it here.

Out of The Lab and Into Your Frying Pan: The Advance of Cultured Meat
Cultured meat and plant-based proteins are being hailed as the foods of the future. If you’re trying to understand what exactly cultured meat is and if (and when) it’ll be something you can pick up at local supermarkets, then this story in The Guardian will be very helpful. Read it here.

Where Will We Find Enough Food for 9 Billion
The world’s population is estimated to rise by at least two billion by 2050. To feed a population of nine billion seems like an overwhelming challenge. This story in National Geographic Magazine, replete with infographics, sheds some light on this, listing out a “five-step plan to feed the world”. Read it here.

To speculate where food will come from in the future, it is important to understand where it’s coming from now. A docuseries on Netflix, Rotten’s second season came out in 2019. It explores, in depth, where our food comes from, and reveals the workings of the system. Watch it here.