Eye Candy: Queer Women, Cats & Calcutta with Reya Ahmed

On the need for inclusive narratives, finding inspiration, and how art shapes our realities

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Meet the Indian Illustrators behind GIF Stickers on Instagram

What goes into making the GIF stickers that elevate Instagramming rituals

Eye Candy: Queer Women, Cats & Calcutta with Reya Ahmed

On the need for inclusive narratives, finding inspiration, and how art shapes our realities

Butting In: What it Takes to Upcycle Cigarette Stubs

A young designer is working to turn toxic cigarette butts into desk items + other initiatives from around the world

IKEA’s New Products from Rice Straw

The new collection, Förändring, is part of the brand’s latest initiative ‘Better Air Now’

Pantry-Trippin’ with the Paniyarakkal

Investigating the cross-cultural culinary connections between paniyarams from Tamil Nadu and the Vikings

Hearty Meals for the Monsoon

Make the most of your rainy day indoors with these recipes from four champions of food

Wake Up On Better Mattresses

In recent years, a slew of new sleep-focused Indian brands have emerged

Where Do the Flowers from Temples Go?

A start-up is turning flowers, discarded from temples and other sacred spaces, into incense sticks, vermicompost and more

Judging Pulp Fiction Books by their Covers

A look at the luridly eccentric world of Indian pulp fiction cover art

Around the World in 8 Chairs

A global project spotlights chairs and their designs across cultures

Why Regional Indian Scripts Need More Typefaces

A case for diverse typeface design for all

Designing Calm: The Reasons You Relax at Wellness Retreats

Space, sound, services — all the little things that help to slow down

Design for Play: A Board Game on Democracy

Shasn, from the folks at Memesys Culture Lab, aims to make political conversation more fun

Pantry-Trippin’ with the Cocotte

The rich history behind the vividly enamelled and incredibly versatile cast iron cocotte, made famous by Le Creuset

Why Kids Need Calm Design Too

In a world of squeaky toys and senseless T-shirt captions, a mother looks for more responsive options

Job Perks: Locopopo

Lokesh Karekar, of Locopopo, on his fondness for birds

What Does it Mean to be a Bystander?

Over 50 South Asian graphic storytellers come together for a new book that questions what it means to be an ally and a feminist

A New Exhibition Looks at the History Beneath Our Feet

Advertisements from the 1930s, Art Deco tiles and other treasures on display at an exhibition by Bharat Floorings and Tiles

Pantry-Trippin’ with the Lemon Squeezer

The lemon squeezer may have been invented in Turkey in the 18th century, but it’s still as handy as ever

Why the World’s Most Popular Font Needed a Makeover

Helvetica Now is the latest chapter in the font’s six-decade-long story

Care Guides: Ceramics

Our Care Guides take a closer look at common materials and offer good-to-know tips on looking after them. First up: ceramics.

Across Space and Time: The Jaali in Indian Design

From Mughal architecture to contemporary clothing, the jaali is part of India’s everyday design vocabulary

Pantry-Trippin’ with the Spork

Invented in 1874, the spork has found favour in many places — from Edward Lear’s ‘The Owl and The Pussycat’ to modern-day KFC restaurants

Type Design, 3D Art & More with Khyati Trehan

The graphic designer on how her schooling shaped her creative journey, how her mum’s favourite ice-cream flavour influenced her work, and how she transforms memories into visual art

Suited for Space: Sleek Furniture by Borderline Studio

The brand’s debut collection — The Martian Get Together — takes inspiration from outer space and gives multi-functionality a makeover

Served Up: Rare Rice & Rich Memories at Edible Archives

On rare Indian rice varieties, what the middle-class boom did for basmati, and how each one of us has an edible archive

Be Flexible: Paper Furniture from Twisty

What you ought to know about this brand’s foldable furniture and why it’s supposedly fit for millennials

Pantry-Trippin’ with the Pressure Cooker

A beloved of Napoleon Bonaparte, Julia Child, and home cooks the world over, the trusted pressure cooker has come a long way

Job Perks: Ware Innovations

Yogita Agrawal, of Ware Innovations, on the design-focused photos she takes when she travels

DIY Design: Tattoos with Tender Pokes

In conversation with artist Shreya Josh

From Tyres to Totes: Handbags from Chamar Studio

Artist Sudheer Rajbhar collaborates with streetside cobblers and artisans

Job Perks: Indus People

Aditi Chaddha Batra, of Indus People, on why travel is her biggest job perk

Design Events to Watch Out For in 2019

Mark your calendars — the future of design, vibrant street art, and iconic magazine covers take centre stage at these events

On Track: A Festival Focused on Heritage Walks

This February, see a new side to a city with the India Heritage Walk Festival

It’s a THING: Workout Videos

Fitness on the ’gram can be more alluring than your neighbourhood gym instructor

Pantry-Trippin’ with the Mortar and Pestle

For pesto, piri-piri and more — the hands-on gadget that’s used for pummelling around the world

Job Perks: Shed

Priyanka Shah, of Shed, on how learning the sitar has shaped her understanding of wood as a material

Design Podcasts for the Curious

Design is all around us — with these podcasts, all you’ve got to do is tune in

The Jhol Momo: Why Dip When You Can Dunk?

The journey of a traditional Nepalese momo

One Man’s Trash is Another’s Reclaimed Wood

Aakriti Kumar, founder of furniture design studio Differniture, breaks down what reclaimed wood really is and how she uses it

Gin Cocktails to Impress

Skip the G&T — here are three recipes for classier gin cocktails

Job Perks: Rubberband

Ajay Shah of Rubberband shares his fascination for the visual beauty of industrial production units

How My Annual Planner Became My Sanctuary

On obsessively writing down everything — interview appointments, deadlines, even the Indian cricket team’s touring schedule

Christmas Gift Guide

Treats and treasures for the festive season

Goods to know: Bamboo Hangers by Pravinsinh Solanki

The NID professor fashions elegance out of the eco-friendly material

Job Perks: Curators of Clay

Bhairavi Naik, co-founder of Curators of Clay, on adopting cats, crows and a pig at the studio in Pune

Notes on Mumbai’s Popular Art Deco Heritage

Khorshed Deboo takes a walk around the city – from Mazgaon to Matunga – and comes back with appreciative notes on the architectural style

Polish Pajaki come to Bengaluru

What you should know about Polish chandeliers called pajaki, and where to find them at the Bengaluru by Design Festival

On the Nose: A Guide to Picking Fragrances

Manan Gandhi, of Bombay Perfumery, on recognising notes in a fragrance, picking candles for specific rooms and how to look after them

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