This February, see a new side to a city with the India Heritage Walk Festival

Peel back layers of familiar spaces this month with the India Heritage Walk Festival. The festival, which is in its second edition this year, has planned walks in over 35 cities. These aim to unearth new aspects of metros like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, as well as other cities like Bikaner, Guwahati and Shimla.

Organised by Sahapedia, an online platform centred around the arts, culture and heritage of India, with UNESCO, the festival’s schedule features heritage walks around numerous interests: street art, water conservation, textiles, natural history and more. Whether you’re residing in these cities or just visiting, there’s often a lot you can learn on foot that otherwise escapes the eye. With knowledgeable guides, the free walks offer an immersion into a neighbourhood’s heritage.

With regard to design in particular, the festival has much in store. In Mumbai, get a glimpse of Persian architecture or learn of Panvel’s architectural history. In Bikaner, dip into the tie-and-dye art of Bandhani. In Chandigarh, go on a guided walk through Maison Pierre Jeanneret, the home-turned-musuem of the city’s first chief architect – who worked closely with Le Corbusier. There are walks that examine the architecture of Shimla and Guwahati as well.

The festival runs through the month. Visit the festival’s website for more details.

If you’re interested in architecture, water conservation and the wondrous world of textile design, you may want to take a look at these respective books: 20th Century Compulsions: Modern Indian Architecture, Water Design: Environment and Histories and Scent Upon a Southern Breeze.