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Named after the red Pantone shade, 032c, a Berlin based magazine, has been quite adept at chronicling the contemporary times and focusing on the relevant past and future, with an unhurried pace and constant evolution. Published twice a year, the title is a celebration of and for the most cutting-edge in art, culture and fashion.


In its Winter 2015/2016 issue titled ‘NEST’ this ‘Manual for Freedom, Research and Creativity’, as its strapline suggests, brings together various stories - how Prozac spawned the greatest interiors magazine ever i.e. ‘Nest’; at Richard Branson’s Blockchain Summit on Necker Island how the global economy is being overturned by men in flip flops; why part anarchist geography, part slacker social science, Guy Debord’s “Théorie de la Dérive” advocates the practice of aimless wandering through the city streets; as well as a fashion excursion to a metal concert with Lotta Vokova.


  • Editor/Creative Director| Joerg Koch
    Art Director| Mike Meiré

The cover story of the issue is a celebration of ‘Nest’, an erstwhile title deemed as the world’s greatest interiors magazine. ‘Nest’ was the work of an agoraphobic decorator and amateur genius JOSEPH HOLTZMAN who published the magazine from the confines of his Upper East Side apartment. The narrative and interview in the issue clones the collage like look, with visual excess and unrefined typography, of ‘Nest’ - an ode to the irreverent title that refused to serve up conventionally beautiful luxury interiors showcased in other magazines, and instead featured photographs of thrillingly bizarre and unusual environments. An exceptional coverage of an exceptional title!

Bitcoins could be a global reality soon - Hannes Grassegger a Zurich based economist and a reporter for Das magazine journey’s to RICHARD BRANSON’s Necker Island for cryptocurrency summit. A private island, naked sushi, hot tubs, men in flip flops, ‘elevator’ pitches and ‘moonshots’ – when business and pleasure comes together it’s a PARTY.

Also explored in the issue is the ever confounding and perhaps impressionistic idea of ‘What is RADICAL?’. In search of the radical, 032c asked a select few to recount what was the most radical thing they’ve encountered in the last six months? Read what some of the most creative and enterprising minds of our age have to share - amongst them RICHARD TURLEY, INGO NIERMANN, JACK SELF and CYPRIEN GAILLARD. An unmissable piece that will make you think, question and set you off on a search for what ‘radical’ means to you.

Ask us and we can immediately point to one ‘radical’ idea we have witnessed – 032c.


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