212 #2

January 2017 Surprise Unwrapped!

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212 #2
Website: 212-magazine.com

212 is a biannual magazine from Istanbul. Focusing on arts, culture and society, each issue tackles various universal subjects within a distinct theme.


Only 2 issues old, 212 is already creating quite a buzz in the magazine circles. We are proud to share its second issue themed ‘Locality’. The second issue pans different geographical locations in an attempt to understand/interpret the term - ‘from fields in which Turkish oil wrestlers grapple, through the living room of a Chilean exiled in San Francisco, to a replica of Paris in China’. It is a large format magazine –so words of advise- read when you are most comfortably seated and avoid multitasking (i.e. fiddling with phone) – well, basically go old school and let the print consume your attention, it’s totally worth it.


Publisher| Handan Yılmaz
Creative Director| İlkay Gürpınar
Editor-In- Chief| Heval Okçuoğlu


The magazine contains short fiction and long-form reportage; distinctive photo essays and revealing interviews – each aimed at exploring the idea of ‘locality’, though not in its strictest form.

The short Story by YAŞAR KEMAL with which the issue begins, is a tale of a family and of love and sorrows that binds them. ‘Write What Should Not Be Forgotten’, an Interview with author ISABEL ALLENDE by TOBIAS GARNETT, is heartfelt and engrossing.

Also must reads in the issue are - ‘The 1400 Year-Old Teenager’, an essay by novelist PICO IYER, on how Japan, despite its ever-changing appearance and by having more 7 elevens than America, successfully conceals how rooted and changeless it really is; and an interview with director ROMAIN GAVRAS about cultural replication,
conflict, faith in the 21st century and his music video for Jamie xx’s ‘Gosh’.

If you visit the magazine website, you will also find a playlist to accompany your reading. For the second issue, filmmaker and sound artist VINCENT MOON has compiled an exclusive playlist of his favourite local sounds together with a commentary on some of his selected tracks.

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