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Acid is a surf-related publishing project for the curious minded, published out of Spain every 6 to 12 months.


Acid is a magazine about ‘thinking and marveling, looking at the world through surfing’. In this issue there’s a typology of underwater camera cases, a hunt for an Amazonian tidal bore, an essay about how the ever-shrinking bikini, Captain Cook and Boticelli actually have a lot in common and also a survival guide to crossing the Atlantic unsupported, for those who are not faint of heart!– of course there is more as well.

Editor| Bertrand Trichet and Olivier Talbot
Design | Jad Hussein
Web | Jeremy Bornerand

If you are looking for a holiday idea this coming year, may we suggest that you seek out the waves – Acid certainly makes a good case for it.

A sprightly zine, Acid is a fun read with tons of waves, sand and wetsuit swag. Brief albeit interesting features accompanied by attractive images – the zine is likely to tickle your water fantasies and make you look for the closest shore. Underwater camera cases and survival guide to crossing the Atlantic – there is something new to learn everyday!


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