Another Escape is an outdoor lifestyle, creative culture and sustainable living publication that explores the stories of passionate people, alluring landscapes and intriguing ideas. It is published quarterly from the UK.


The magazine follows a unique format – it is divided into three focused sections, with each section's topic assessed from four different perspectives – inspiration, exploration, process and response. This is also visually represented in the symbols used in the magazine’s identity design (refer to the cover image). In Volume 8, the 3 focused sections are titles ‘Finding Your Way’; ‘Faroe Island’ and ‘Wild Waters’ - delving in to methods of great navigators past, motives of modern pilgrimages, migrating birdlife & birding in the Faroe Islands, aquatic adventures and un attempted challenges with the Wild Swimming Brothers and other stories.

Editorial & Creative Directors | Rachel Maria Taylor and Jody Daunton
Assistant Editora |Lyndon Ashmore, Maria Taylor and Choechoe Brereton

    Themes of outdoor culture, sustainability and responsible practice runs deep throughout the volume and that is precisely what makes this magazine different and special. Beginning with navigation lessons which albeit appear less relevant in our times, make for an interesting read. The first section of the volume, ‘Finding Your Way’ also shares experiences of people who have successfully bartered their city lives for something more fulfilling, such as a homestead life, a life of exploration and adventure.

    The second section of volume 8 is dedicated to the cluster of islands somewhere between Iceland and Norway and the life on this self- governing archipelago (part of the Kingdom of Denmark) – Faroe Islands. Accompanied with beautiful photography, the section makes a compelling case why this cluster of islands must be your next holiday destination.

    Diving, canoeing and wild swimming – the last section of the volume dives deep into the water and reflects on the need for its preservation.

    Another Escape delivers on its promise of not just introducing readers to passionate people and their adventures and but also sharing intriguing ideas that urge you to keep exploring.


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