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Very few publications dare to venture into a space otherwise considered taboo, and even fewer manage to pull it off as brilliantly as Anxy, a US based, bi-annual magazine which stems from founder Indhira Rojas' personal struggles. Filled with personal narratives focusing on mental health with real perspectives, intimate stories, and art - the magazine is an attempt at normalizing conversations surrounding mental health issues outside the medical arena and in the creative space.


The second issue of Anxy themed 'Workaholism' tries to uncover the boundaries between working hard and working compulsively. From being physically affected because of working yourself too hard, to succumbing to PTSD or anxiety disorders due to a workaholism induced atmosphere, this issue carries raw, honest accounts of people who discovered a little too late that they were burning themselves out working. 'The Psychology of Workaholism' by Dr. MALISSA CLARK is an exploration of the factors that drive us to put our work before everything else. Aside from the adult world which seems to be the most obvious place for victims of workaholism, 'High Pressure' by KATIE MACBRIDE offers a glimpse of what it's like to be a teenager on the inside of a demanding, confusing environment where one is expected to get into an Ivy League University, no less.

Founder and Creative Director: Indhira Rojas
Editor-in-Chief: Bobbie Johnson
Editor-at-Large: Jennifer Maerz

    'No Sleep 'Til the Rent's Paid' by ZONEIL MAHARAJ explores the work lives of three individuals in Las Vegas - including Natalie Young. Natalie, a chef who was victim of substance abuse shares her story about losing her job, vowing never to return to the addiction, and 'ironically' finding solace in workaholism.

    The feature titles 'The Psychology of Workaholism' helps to understand why one is overworking - what drives us to put our jobs before everything else?

    'But Somebody's Got to Do it' brings together the plight of migrants who struggle to cope, wrenched from their families, and have a hard time readjusting to village life once they return.

    'Home Comfort' is an incredibly striking photo essay by JANA AŠENBRENNEROVÁ about life in Nova Ves, a village in Croatia, where she comes from. With heart-warming images of a family living a slow life, taking life in as it comes, this is likely to make you want to go home to a cozy dinner with your family.

    Apart from the captivating stories, the other reason why we couldn't peel our eyes away from the issue was the meticulous art work. The illustrations, type as well as the layout work wonderfully to contrast the subject which may bring back painful memories. The issue is a real winner.


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