We introduced the first issue of Avaunt on our online journal, soon after it was released earlier this year– it sure piqued our readers’ curiosity and on our part, we eagerly awaited the opportunity to share the title in print with our subscribers.

Avaunt is a magazine dedicated to adventure – in the broadest possible sense. Adventure in style, innovation, nature, culture as well as writing. A biannual publication from UK, Avaunt was perhaps the biggest success of 2015.


The Autumn/Winter 2015 issue of the magazine launched amidst much excitement. People who had read the first issue were excited to see how good the next issue would be and those who were miffed with having missed the opportunity to read the first issue (it was completely sold out soon after its launch) were just to eager to get their hands on the new one. Result – Issue 2 is now completely sold out too.

From ‘Adventures in writing’, ‘Returning the black rhino to the northern frontier of Kenya’, ‘British female ultra runners’ to ‘What’s in the Centre of the Earth?’, Issue 2 sets a new standard for editorial adventure in the indie print magazine industry. An enviable list of contributors who scour the earth (literally) bring to the pages the adrenalin rush they experienced during their journey. Accompanying the extraordinary texts are images that further inspire the spirit of adventure, bringing you closer to the experience the contributors share via their stories. The series of a large spread of images titled ‘Up Close’ interspersed across the issue, share breath-taking pictures taken by various photographers, thereby celebrating their work.


  • Editor-in-Chief and Publisher: Dan Crowe
    Editor and Publisher: Ben Saunders
    Creative Director and Publisher: Matt Willey

While there are too many stories that we found ourselves enamoured/inspired by, here are a few that left us in awe.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was a French aristocrat, writer, poet, and pioneering aviator. The issue remembers the life of this French hero whose writing is instilled with the love of adventure - remember ‘The Little Prince’? In ‘Evolution of Drinks’, a biochemist turned sensory ringmaster shares how his day includes mixing many rare ingredients in his laboratory - in cocktails!

Heard of the Dragon Black Race? ‘Trophy Women’ features British female ultra runners Beth Pascall and Lizzie Wraith who finished in the top six overall of the 2014 Dragon’s Back, one of the toughest mountain races in the world.

The black rhinos, almost hunted to extinction, are retuning to northern Kenya. David Chancellor, an award winning (including Nikon Photographer of the Year – thrice) British documentary photographer based in South Africa brings the story of the black rhinos once again roaming freely in the vast rangelands of the Samburu people.

DareWin’s mission is to better understand dolphin and whale click communication and perhaps, one day, make contact with these extraordinary animals. James Nestor goes on a freediving expedition with Fabrice Schnoller, a member of DareWin’s field team to try and communicate with the world’s largest predators – the sperm whales.



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