Combining in-depth reportage, literature and visual culture, Berlin Quarterly is a perfect fit for our second title under the Arts & Literature genre this month, since we began our journey in November 2014. Founded in 2013 by publisher James Guerin, Berlin Quarterly seeks to offer a European review of long form journalism.


This third issue of Berlin Quarterly is right after our own heart, covering stories of and from the fabled city- ‘Beirut’, which we saw a glimpse of (and fell in love with) in The Outpost magazine that we introduced to our subscribers as part of our inaugural dispatch. As a matter of fact, for Berlin Quarterly’s third issue, the magazine has joined forces with Ibrahim Nehme, Editor in Chief and Founder of The Outpost, who guest-edited a reportage on Beirut covered in this issue.

Witness a series of Lebanese talent in fiction, poetry, art and photography in addition to a short story by the Irish author Kevin Barry (New Yorker, The Guardian, New Statesman, Granta), Asian/US author Karl-Taro Greenfeld (The Paris Review, GQ, The Atlantic) and more.


  • Founder & Publisher: James Guerin
    Creative Director & Editor: Cesari Alemanni
    Art Director: Tom Garner

Ibrahim Nehme has guest-edited a long section in the new issue, a reportage on Beirut and it is surely not to be missed. The report on Beirut documents the life of people of Beirut and what it means to be part of a city once ravaged by war and is still picking up the pieces. We never tire of learning about the city’s art, life and culture enriched by its past and full of hope and energy for its future.

Lebanese talent in fiction, poetry, art and photography weave together the report on the city leaving us to reminisce about the city long after we have put the issue down.

Apart from the report on Beirut, the issue also has an outstanding selection of fiction and poetry; ‘We Want What We Want’ by Karl-Taro Greenfeld, and ‘Lemures’ by Marie Claude Bourjon were amongst our favorites.


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