Boat is a ‘nomadic’ biannual travel and culture publication that focuses on a different, inspiring city for each issue.


Issue 11 of Boat Magazine is dedicated to ‘the wonderfully complicated city of Havana, Cuba’. Cuban ballet, recipes, musicians tapping into their Yoruba roots for inspiration, introduction to city’s other artists and more – the issue will tell you the true story of this city Havana, misunderstood as a ‘time capsule’. On the cover: Afro-Cuban jazz signer, composer and choir director, Dayme Arocena (photography by Rachel Jonas).


  • Editor| Erin Spens
    Contributing Editor | Zara Joan Miller
    Creative Director | Davey Spens
    Art Direction & Design | She Was Only (
    (Photography courtesy - Boat Magazine)

From its literary heritage to its Chinatown – Boat delves in to the cultural landscape of Havana in search of the known and the unknown.
Afro-Cuban jazz singer, Dayme Arocena shares why it’s important for her to sound Cuban at all cost. Her music was a pleasant discovery.
The feature on the lost Chinatown of Havana and the efforts of the few to preserve its complete disappearance – add a new perspective to Che’s Cuba. Cuban art of movie posters, beauty salons and barber shops, an organic agricultural farm, each feature tells the story of the ingenuity of the people of Havana working with limited resources, having lived through a couple of generations of US imposed economic sanctions.
Writer John A. Loomis, traces the trajectory of National Art Schools from being ‘forgotten’ to being the best known works of architecture of the Cuban revolution.


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