Launched over two decades ago, Brownbook is a Dubai based bi-monthly publication dedicated to exploring the contemporary Middle East and North Africa - focusing on design, travel and other culture– from the music of Kuwaiti pearl divers to the Iranian diaspora of Los Angeles.


This issue of Brownbook is a magazine within a magazine; an in-depth exploration of one of the finest cultural publications of the Middle East – The AramcoWorld Magazine and the legacy it has built. From the carpenters of Dehran in 1960 to the first Arab in space in 1986 – BrownBook’s latest issue features a carefully curated selection of archives retracing AramcoWorld’s 68 years of publishing, alongside interviews from its editors and veteran contributors.
Also in the issue: a paleontologist putting Sahara on the archeological map with a discovery larger than T-rex, an interview discussing the golden age of Tehran’s art scene and a look at megacity Cairo.

Editor | Natalie Shooter

Founders | Rashid Bin Shabib, Ahmed Bin Shabib

Designer | Moylin Yuan

    Brownbook calls itself the ‘essential guide book to the contemporary Middle East and North Africa’ and rightly so. In a time where news from the region is often only focused on politics, Brownbook is a cultural delight. It challenges the dialogue around Midde East with its well-researched, culture savvy approach using beautiful photography and original artwork with in-depth stories and interviews on architecture, food and travel. Issue 66 travels across time and geography with its theme – exploring the design of the Saudi Arabian pavilion in Japan’s Expo 70 through THE ARABS AT OSAKA, the architectural innovations fueled by government commissioned competitions in Lebenon in ELECTRICITE DU LIBAN and a look at Egypt’s top tennis pro Ismael El Shafei in SHAF. The magazine's latest issue greets us with Lebanese recipes, an exclusive radio during Ramadan, the process behind designing for Iran’s inline women's hockey team and other secret passages to the Middle East.


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