BRYGG magazine showcases the best in coffee culture and celebrates the art of conversations. The magazine is published quarterly and is based out of Norway.


BRYGG’s issue 8 offers up everything you would expect your coffee mag to deliver - great brews, great places to have these excellent brews, people with a nose that could smell a great brew from a mile and similar great stories. This issue of the Norwegian magazine comes with split covers – one illustrated by DEREK ERCOLANO and the other a photograph by ERIKA HEBBERT, both suggesting the theme of the issue, ‘taste & aromas’.


  • Editor| Lene Haugerud
    Photo & Design| Amalie Winther
    Manager & Art Director| Mikal Johannes Murstad Strøm

If there has ever been a good time to be in the beverage business, we are sure most of you would agree it is now. Brewing of coffee, tea and beer has been elevated to an art form, championed in many ways by small and independent entrepreneurs’ world over, bless’em and their ‘independent’ souls! Our August magazine celebrates one such global success story beverage – coffee aka a conversation starter.

The topic of smell stirs up the first part of the issue, which kicks off with a conversation with SISSEL TOLAAS - a contemporary Norwegian installation artist with a background in chemistry, art and languages, and who is widely recognised for her work with odours. In her interview she talks about the need to keep all senses trained, allowing some bacteria in your body and gut and how nothing stinks and it’s just our mind that makes it seem that way. Following this is a feature contributed by the Central Scientific Instruments Organisation, Chandigarh (India) on olfactory perceptions.

There are plenty of stories about roasters, café owners and how they have used their advantageous disposition and know-how to take up social initiatives that look to bring back to the community - Restoration Roasters (California) and Old Spike (London) employing the formerly homeless; Kinfolk (Melbourne), a volunteer run café which contributes hundred percent of their profits to several charities.

BRYGG makes for a light and cheerful read, a perfect accompaniment with your brew. We suggest you dive nose in first – enjoy!


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