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Cereal is a biannual travel and style magazine published out of UK. Covering new cities, each issue is divided into city-specific chapters comprising stories on places, people and products. Cereal is known for its minimalistic approach to layout and design, and striking photography.


The latest issue of Cereal visits three dream cities – Tokyo, Seattle and Vienna, narrating stories of its people and the places. The ‘Interlude’ section(s) pleasantly interrupt the city narrations with features focused on style and culture – in this issue, this includes visiting American artist DONALD JUDD’s foundation in New York, home of KNUD ERIK HANSEN (CEO & owner of Danish furniture brand 'Carl Hansen & Son') and escape to BELLE MONT FARM, Kittitian Hill (in the Caribbean Hills). Also accompanying the issue is a literary supplement with writings on the theme of ‘freedom’, comprising personal essays by writers/photographers on the subject.



Flipping through the pages of CEREAL feels like you are being let into a very special secret, something that the others would never know. The pages whisper and beckon you to escape – taking you some place else. It is exquisitely designed and the stories are as delicious as the print itself.

Amongst the cities covered, Vienna is our personal favorite. A city where irony is inescapable, as introduced by contributor LILY LE BRUN in her story ‘A Woman’s Search for Viennese Humor’ - sharing the inside joke that speaks so much of the city and its people, ignorance of which would definitely be a traveller’s loss. Feature on Viennese pastry ‘Symphony in Pastry’, leaves you longing for the smell and taste of this heavenly piece of dough; the decadent illustrations, accompanying the piece by artists LUCY WILSON only makes the longing more painful.

Tokyo and Seattle are the other two dream cities covered in the issue. A feature exploring Tokyo’s architecture and the tales of morning ferry-rides back and forth Seattle, in the issue make for interesting reads.

The literary supplement that accompanies the magazine is an absolute winner. Removed from the concept of the magazine itself i.e. not specifically covering travel or design, the supplement chooses to reflect on the theme of ‘freedom’ with three writers sharing their thoughts on the subject. Personal essays, which will leave you pondering on the subject.

Of course we have saved the best for the last! An exclusive interview with KENYA HARA (the art director of MUJI) in this issue will leave you in a truly Zen state of mind.


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