Cherry Bombe #8

January 2017 Surprise Unwrapped!

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Cherry Bombe #8

Cherry Bombe is a magazine that fosters and celebrates a growing community of women in various aspects of the culinary world: chefs, entrepreneurs, farmers, and producers. Launched in 2013, after a successful kickstarter campaign by former colleagues at Harper’s Bazaar- Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu, Cherry Bombe is published twice a year.


Just like its other issues, almost all of the subjects and contributors of Issue 8 of this food magazine are women, with one of the most recognized global Indian faces, PADMA LAKHSMI gracing the cover. There is a delectable mix of food stories, recipes and profiles of some of the most brilliant women in the field of art, architecture, photography and writing who have worked with food as a medium. Featured in this issue - ROBIN STANDEFER, SARAH ILLENBERGER, LEAH CHASE, DIANA YEN, MOLLY YEH, ANNABEL MEHRAN, DAPHNE OZ, ALICE GAO amongst others.


Creative Director | Claudia Wu
Editorial Director | Kerry Diamond


There is an abundance of inspiration in the issue, which introduces the journey of many successful and strong women figures in the culinary world – read the interview with ROBIN STANDEFER (one of the most influential talents in the world of restaurant designs) and LEAH CHASE (known as the Queen of Creole Cuisine). Writer (also Editorial Director of Cherry Bombe) KERRY DIAMOND and photographer JENNIFER LIVINGSTON tell the tale of PADMA LAKSHMI and her appetite for life in a profile titled ‘Hungry for More’.

Sail on board with chefs – creative director of Cherry Bombe CLAUDIA WU introduces the ‘Sailing Collective’. Meet superstar food blogger MOLLY YEH (also a qualified percussionist having graduated from the Juilliard School), who is living a dream i.e. her life - bake, farm and write. Learn to eat an artichoke and bake Orange Chocolate Tart.

Word of advise – invest in a food journal. This is likely to tempt you to start charting your own food journey.

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