Delayed Gratification is a quarterly independent publication from UK - the world’s first Slow Journalism magazine. Every issue is aimed at revisiting the events of the previous three months, running chronologically from the beginning of the quarter to the end, to see what truly transpired after the news agenda and media circus moved on and its no longer a fight for ‘breaking news’. Instead, a reflection of events that mattered after the noise has died down.


The recently released Issue 18 of the magazine looks back at the first 3 months of 2015 (January to March), when Europe saw terror attacks in France and Denmark, Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was shot dead in front of the Kremlin and radical left party Syriza won the Greek elections. The issue reports on the shocking exodus in Kosovo and the possibility of de-extinction of woolly mammoth.

On the cover, ‘Exploration of Gravity’ by Mehdi Ghadyanloo.


  • Editorial Directors: Rob Orchard and Marcus Webb
    Art Director: Christian Tate
    Associate Editors: Jeremy Lawrence, Matthew Lee and James Montague
    Head of Digital: Loes Witschge

Slow Journalism, in our opinion, is the desperate need of our times. We believe that it does not even need any more case building, if at all – we all notice how news is getting covered these days, sensationalism and race-to-the-top has arguably impaired or at the very least weakened,
the judgment of many news reporting agencies; be it print, television or social media.

Delayed Gratification, to our minds, is a tiny step in the right direction – where the true values of journalism appear to be still respected and the focus is on context, analysis and expert opinion, emphasis being on the word ‘expert’, a far cry from some of the patently manifest ‘arm chair’ experts, that we see being bandied about by a lot of media houses, with alarmingly increasing frequency. Every issue of the magazine is aimed at bringing to the readers investigative reporting, challenging photo-series and thought provoking infographics.

This issue covers the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, speaking to four people whose lives were significantly affected following this attack in very different ways, including Joachim Roncin, the magazine designer who created and tweeted the slogan with three words ‘Je Sui Charlie’,
which would probably be one of the most remembered phrases of the year .

Kosovo’s shocking exodus is a story of human tragedy which will demand more than just your interest. And killing of Boris Nemtsov and exposing of Putin’s alleged terror regime has eerie resemblance to the fate of whistleblowers in our own country.

We are happy to have joined the Slow Journalism revolution. It’s your turn now…so, come on, step over the threshold!


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