Disegno, Issue 8

July 2015 Surprise Unwrapped!

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Disegno, Issue 8
Website: http://www.disegnodaily.com/

Disegno is a UK based publication dedicated to in-depth and independent reporting on architecture, design and fashion. It is published twice a year bringing thoughtful analysis of current events to a design-interested audience.


With a wide range of sub-topics covered under each of the main topics i.e. design, architecture as well as fashion, the issue is likely to instantly win over any aesthetically keen soul with a penchant for reading. At the center as well as fore (read cover), is the fashion house of Vicktor&Rolf. While the issue carries a conversation with the designer duo Rolf Snoeren and Viktor Horsting exploring the death of conceptualism in fashion, custom made porcelain dolls grace the cover of the issue (and can be found interspersed in the issue), modelled by the fashion house, serving as miniature replicas of some of their past catwalk looks – mesmerizing!

Also covered in the issue, the frontier lands of food design, profile of Jasper Morrison, a photo series about gender identity in fashion, Klaus Haapaniemi's designs for opera, a photo essay of the rebuilding of Haiti, amongst others.


  • Editor-in-Chief & Publisher: Johanna Agerman Ross
    Deputy Editor: Oli Stratford
    Founding Creative Director: Darren Ellis; See Studio
    Art Director: Colin Christie


From covering topics such as food design in its infancy, ethics in architecture, to a tour of the acclaimed product designer Jasper Morrison’s archive – the issue makes for a sumptuous design read, rich and satisfying.

Deftly covered feature and interview with modern movement architect Eileen Gray as well as observations on ‘Fashion and Feminism’ and ‘Ethics in Architecture’ are not to be missed.

The paper stock of the magazine is by far the most luminous and glamorous that we have shared till date with our readers – making this print even more of a treasure.

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