Even, edited from New York, is a magazine on contemporary art, publishing ‘long-form articles, ranging from in-depth monographic studies to broad analysis of art and its institutions’ and is published thrice a year.


With writings on contemporary art world wide, Even casts its net wide- positioning art, music, architecture, and films in the context of the world's biggest stories. This issue features, amongst other stories, an essay on the very first museum in Palestine, impact of digital photography on art, Brazilian artists look out from the highrises and favelas and find a Rio beyond the postcard view.

Editor | Jason Farago
Publisher | Rebecca Ann Siegel
Design | Common Name, New York

    Long-form writings are our favourite and that is no secret. Even was a real treat -dwelling deep into the subjects, scouring the art and culture scene across the world.

    We are told that this issue is their largest ever, which is also evident from the commentary in the issue reflecting travels not just across the globe but also deep into the history books.

    Feature on an unlikely new art museum in the West Bank with vacant galleries, is sure to stay with you long after you have read it.

    A sequence of exhibitions exposing the underbelly of the most seductive city in the world, Rio de Janerio, by young Bralizian artists, compel you to appreciate art taken out of its immediate comfort zone.

    At the museum, architect’s studio, and opera, Germany wrestles with its own definition in view of it’s growing refugee population – a review by A. J. Goldman, a thoughtful reflection in these troubled times.

    And there is ‘Even More’, shorter writings punctuating the narration though the issue – a brilliant addition.


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