A new bi-annual magazine exploring city culture through food, history, and community – Fare, published in UK, begins its journey in Istanbul exploring neighborhoods and local institutions.


Istanbul is an ancient city, a place of miracles and color; Fare unearths the delights of this city with captivating prose and photography. Sharing hidden gems and tell tales, which you can trust only locals to know, the issue takes you on a wistful journey making you fall in love with Istanbul all over again. Exploring delis, conversations with fishermen of the Galata bridge and ending with a short story by SAIT FAIK ABASIYANIK, one of the most important literary figures in Turkey, the magazine ventures into what makes Istanbul the city that it is today.

Editor-in-chief | Ben Mervis

Creative director | Ric Bell

Graphic Designer | Nathan Matthews

    Issue 1 of Fare is dedicated to Istanbul and shares the city’s story through some of Istanbul's finest artists, musicians, chefs, writers, and historians. 'The heart desires neither coffee nor a coffeehouse. The heart desires conversation' reads a Turkish proverb, we learn in the feature titled 'The Heart’s Desire' as NAZLI PISKIN talks about the city’s coffee culture. If you are looking for a slightly stronger distraction for your taste buds look no further than the ‘Meyhanes’ or taverns of Istanbul, which trace their origin back to Byzantine Constantinople. D. MATTHEW FOX explores the history and evolving culture of these taverns in ‘Meyhane Nights’; the story is accompanied by stunning photography by CAGLAR KANZIK. Also in the issue - interviews with local artists, a modern take on the salted bonito, the favorite dish amongst the locals; and vanishing coastal villages that once lined the Bosphorous.


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