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Faune is a biannual wildlife and travel magazine that explores the beauty of nature through long-form journalism, short essays and interviews with stunning visuals.


In its very first issue, Faune covers four countries: London, Scandinavia, India, and Japan. We get glimpses of nature while journeying through the woods of Copenhagen, the hills of India, the snowy landscapes of Japan, and the characteristic weather of London. From India’s lesser-known region of Jawai in Rajasthan to a winter birding escape in Japan’s Hokkaido, this issue explores the connections between us and the natural world.

Editor & Creative Director | Ana Gomes and Aniruddha Satam

    Eager to get city slickers to care more for their natural world, Ana and Aniruddha, the magazine’s founders, launched Faune. Via visual storytelling, conversations and essays that put nature and wildlife in the spotlight, the magazine makes us consider our looming loss should we cease to care – a cause that we are in full support of.

    Visual storytelling is key to any publication, especially one that‘s dedicated to nature – and the first issue of Faune demonstrates that the team is bringing their A game, with the photography.

    This issue’s stories are bound to be loved by any travel and nature enthusiast. In his essay, PICO IYER reflects on the notion of home. KATE FRIEND writes about her experience living on the water in London and about the connection between rivers, humans and their cities. SAMHITA ARNI, author of The Mahabharata: A Child’s View and Sita’s Ramayana, explores the leopard hills of India with narratives of local myths. DANIELLE DEMETRIOU paints a surreal wintry image while writing about the ”deity of the marshes”: Japan’s red-crowned cranes.


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