Fireflies is a bi-annual print film magazine created between Berlin and Melbourne.


Each issue of Fireflies assembles an international group of writers and visual artists to celebrate the work of two filmmakers through personal essays, interviews and creative responses. Issue 4 is dedicated to Pedro Costa, a Portuguese film director and Ben Rivers, an artist and experimental British filmmaker.

Editors | Annabel Brady-Brown and Giovanni Marchini Camia
Art Direction and Design | James Geoffrey Nunn

An in depth and detailed discourse on the art of film making – this magazine is for true blue blooded cinema makers and patrons.

Having never watched the work of either of the directors covered in Issue 4, it was indeed a revelation of sorts to discover their work and their experiments with celluloid. The issue captures the responses that each of the director’s work inspire, by way of monologues, essays, photography even poetry.

The magazine is an earnest attempt to understand and appreciate a cinema maker and his work. A slow read but well worth your while.


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