Sharing love for food and cooking, Gather Journal started its journey in 2012, bringing a new issue out every 6 months. Based in Brooklyn, New York, this magazine tantalises all senses just like its subject, food – well, we bet that the images and text are so powerful that your imagination is likely to kick your taste buds and olfactory faculties in to overdrive. Winner of a James Beard Award and five Society of Publication Designers Gold Medals, this one is a hoarder’s dream!


With Gather Journal’s sixth issue, there is magic in the air. Now this issue is not to be mistaken as a mere recipe compendium. It’s far from it and it could very well be a letter from one food lover to another, with little notes at the end of each recipe reflecting one’s love affair with food. In between pages, you find musings, post-scripts and essays egging you to linger on, for a little bit longer with the magazine in hand. You find mentioned Shakespeare, Gabriel García Márquez, Houdini (of course!) and Vladimir Nabokov in the pages. Amuse-bouche spell bind you and cocktails enthral you. A magical journey indeed.

Well, the team made our job easier. At the end of the magazine, the team and the contributors share their favorite magic trick or ingredient. We have reproduced some of the responses here, in an effort to introduce you to the core team itself.

  • Fiorella Valdesolo: Co-Founder and Editor “Anchovies and my second cousin Mimmo’s boot-leg olive oil always have the magic touch.”

  • Michele Outland: Co-Founder and Creative Director

    “Baking always feels like magic: cakes, pies, cookies, pavlovas, they never fail for that ta-da moment.”

We’d say start at the very beginning, the very first page - that’s where this magical journey begins. The introduction to the issue is a reflection of the passion of the team and high quality of the writing one is likely to encounter in the pages. For food magazines, which often ignore the writing, hoping that pictures will do the job – this issue changes the rules and does an exceptionally brilliant job at that.

If you fall in any one of the following categories, this issue is for YOU. And if by any chance you happen to tick all the boxes, oh boy, it’s a party!

#Cook/wannabe cook
#food voyeur
#hoarder of all things beautiful

Amuse-bouche, cocktails, starters, mains, desserts, stories, herbs, magic-potions, even digestifs (rightfully identified as magical cures) - they are all in here, helping you find the magic.

After that if you are still looking for more magic – as contributor Shannon Sharpe points out in 'The Years of Magical Thinking' pg. 74, it’s waiting for you in your kitchen.


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