Founded in 2011 by David Lane and Marina Tweed, The Gourmand, an award winning food and culture journal, is published by Lane & Associates Ltd. The Gourmand is a biannual magazine and is printed in the United Kingdom.


With this second title under the food genre this year, we definitely believe that we have upped the ante. The Gourmand is a food and culture journal, so expect to be greeted with more than just ingredients and recipes (..well, that too!). The latest issue (issue six), as the editor of the magazine Patrick Baglee puts it “…is an embarrassment of riches for gourmands to enjoy and has a particularly North American flavor”. Catering to a wide palette of audience, this new issue offers marmalades, ‘white-out punch’, mythological exploits of the enigmatic ‘chance’ musician, social status of ‘ketchup’, a glimpse of the 'Hard Times Cook Book' and much more.


  • Editor-in-Chief: David Lane and Marina Tweed
    Editor: Anandan Pellirin
    Creative Director: David Lane
    Contributing Editor: Patrick Baglee

The Gourmand is one of those independent magazines, which, with both its content and presentation, has set a standard for other independent magazines to follow - a success story in the indie magazine publishing industry. This sixth issue is a stellar example of this trend setting success.

Two stand out features - Ketchup’s role in the US as a political hot potato and marmalade as the backbone of British breakfast; one that compels you to pick which side of the ketchup snobbery fence you sit on and the other conjures up surreal breakfast fantasies (marmalade spread liberally on a hot buttered toast!).

James Beard Award-winning Corey Lee, chef/patron of San Francisco's three Michelin starred ‘Benu’ is garnering high praise from who’s who of the food industry, from David Chang to Thomas Kellar. In this issue Lee shares his thoughts on perfectionism, perspective and talks about his new cookbook that is more a story of talent, luck and willful parameters than a collection of recipes.

Story of John Cage (1912 -1992), an American composer, music theorist, writer, artist and his love for mushroom subtly reminds one how some chanced encounters turn into life’s passion and becomes part of one's identity making life more meaningful and fulfilling.

Also in this issue the interview with Muscovite magazine editor Aliona Doletskaya, whose second cookbook ‘Sunday Lunches’ was recently published, shares her stories of life in food.

Those looking for recipes, need not despair, towards the end of the issue there are recipes (including ‘How to make Catchup to Keep Seven Years’) shared by some serious talents in the field.


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