Hole & Corner is a UK based biannual independent print magazine, which celebrates craft, beauty, passion and skill. Aimed at promoting local trade and talented individuals, the magazine features stories of professional and amateur artists and craftsmen, exploring and celebrating the landscape that inspires them. It’s about people who spend more time ‘doing’ than ‘talking’, who put content above style, whose work is their life. The overarching idea behind the magazine appears to be the need to address the mildly disturbing trend of ‘tl;dr’ (‘too late; didn’t read’); looking instead for people who are ‘doing it all the right way’. A spirit of doing things the right (perhaps unhurried) way, and successfully balancing contemporary design with ancient tradition.

Led by Editor and Creative Director Sam Walton, Hole & Corner successfully raised funds for the magazine pitched as a business investment, giving up equity in return, recently; thus paving new path for raising funds for other indie magazine publishers to make their plans a reality.


This latest issue 5 of the magazine is the first post-fund raising release and it certainly stays true to the founding idea behind the magazine. It showcases the beauty of craft and design and the sincerity with which the craftsmen and artists follow their vocation, hardly crediting themselves as skilled craftsmen. This current ‘Change’ issue celebrates moments of transformation, both great and small, in personal journeys of people covered in the issue. Horticulturists, ceramists, wood workers, shirt-makers, even artisan crafting the perfect cured ham and the founder of Bloomsburg Publishing on his discovery of Slow Travel – this issue covers them all.

While there are no cues in the issue, those who cherished the glam rock era of the 70’s, may recognize that each feature headline is a different David Bowie song title.


  • Editor and Creative Director: Sam Walters
    Editor: Mark Hooper
    Managing Editor: Jossy Smalley
    Associate Editor: Ben Williams
    Designer: Jasper van den Bosch

We followed the advice in the foreword to the issue i.e. ‘Take your time. Give it a good read’, which stood us in good stead.

We loved getting introduced to the bodgers (the woodworkers) and to bodging, a trade so old and taken-for-granted that we almost forget to recognize the hard work and rigor it entails.

The rescue team for Glencoe Mountain made up of volunteers with no formal training armed only with the familiarity with the terrain, enthusiasm for their Scottish mountain and a keen sense of duty towards the community, followed by the passion of the textile designer and natural-dye enthusiast Katherine May, were some of our favourite features in the ‘Stories of Dedication’.

Amongst the many learnings from the issue, the one we were most eager to adopt was the food philosophy of Chef Marco Dallabona, “[food is] a vice to which we must give in” from the feature on 'Culatello', one of the finest calibers of ‘slow-food’, covered in this issue. Culatello is a dry cured ham from the prosciutto family, a local produce from the Po Basin (Italy), with the winter mist of the basin being an essential ingredient to the making of a good culatello.

As advised, readers… kick off those shoes, find yourself a corner and give it a good read.


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