Hot Rum Cow, whose rather unusual name is inspired by a cocktail that the publishers found in Kingsley Amis’ book ‘Everyday Drinking’ - is an indie magazine based in Edinburgh, UK, aimed at celebrating the wonderful world of drinks by exploring the stories and people behind them. Published quarterly, the magazine is created by White Light Media.


‘Let’s Cocktail’ is the ninth issue of this quarterly print. In this issue “From invention to perfection – through degradation and resurrection, Hot Rum Cow explores 500 garish years of the muddled and mysterious, contradictory and chintzy, innovative and intoxicating history of the mixed drink”.


  • Publisher| Fraser Allen
    Editor| Simon Lyle
    Editor at Large| Liz Longden
    Creative Director| Eric Campbell

‘Is biodynamic wine proof of omnipresent cosmic influence or just a spectacular fraud?’ – in ‘The Greatest Wine in the Universe’, writer Liz Longden investigates.

Sure we knew that all mixed drinks are not cocktails – or did we?! ‘The Cocktail Tales’ visits the ancestry of cocktails and tells us what constitutes a ‘classic cocktail’.

Into the fug – a plunge into the murky world of alcohol inhalation with writer Jason Ward describing what it felt like to be inside a cloud of alcohol. This one we bet, is worth a try.

Also in the issue - a recipe to boil your own tonic water, an introduction to a notable drinker from history and the beer war where the makers referee sorting the fizz from the flat.

It’s a merry read, with some fantastic information that may come handy next time you are playing host – we suggest you prop it up right next to those bottles on the bar.


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