HUCK is a magazine that celebrates radical culture, refusing to be civilized since 2006. Rooted in the rebellious heritage of surf and skate, HUCK roams the globe to document grassroots counterculture as it unfolds, seeking out free thinkers who are a wellspring of new thoughts and ideas. It has a number of awards and nominations to its credit for its design and a cult following of readers vouching for its content. HUCK’s new issue is up for grabs, every two months.


HUCK comes from our favorite publisher, The Church of London, the same guys behind Little White Lies, the movies magazine (part of our December’14 dispatch). But that is not the only reason why we are chest beating in unison (The Wolf of Wall Street style) over this current issue – it is also because this issue touches upon a subject that is close to our hearts. It attempts to uncover the roots of indie-culture, an exploration of the birth of movements, ambitions that are driving independent creativity today - some more rhythmic chest beating to that! In this issue, you read what artists, musicians, photographers and activists have to share. Prepare to be inspired!

While ‘The Origins Issue’ is packed with stories to fire up those latent creative desires in you, with this team introduction - we are just topping that up with a little more - the editor and one of the staff-writers at HUCK, shares with us an incident from their past that plays a significant role in who they are or what they do, today.

  • Andrea Kurland: Editor "I stumbled upon a raggedy old copy of Adrenalin magazine in a Barnes and Noble in Toronto, around 2005. It was the copy that 'got left behind' – the one that no one else wanted because the cover was ripped. I was on my way home to London from New Zealand, where I'd been living for 8 months, and I had no idea what to do with my life. But soon as I saw that mag, I just wanted in! I wanted to be a part of its world. I got home, wrote to the editor, Michael Fordham, and got a break (he introduced me to Vince Medeiros, who was just starting Huck). So yes – that afternoon in Barnes and Noble, skimming pointlessly through the racks, was weirdly one of the most significant days of my life."

  • Alex King: Staff Writer "A few years ago, I was living in Buenos Aires, Argentina and studying Latin American cinema during my university year abroad. A friend and I discovered these great little underground cinema clubs, which screened art house films from Latin America and Europe in makeshift spaces dotted around the city. When we came back to the UK, we decided we wanted to set up something similar to share our cinematic discoveries with the students at our university. One of the best films we saw that year was Vince Medeiros’ awesome documentary Rio Breaks, which follows two young surfers from one of the city’s most notorious favelas, so when we found out Vince was living in London we asked him to come and present the film. Over beer and pizza he told us about The Church of London, his publishing house that makes Huck and Little White Lies. I was blown away by both mags and by some miracle I find myself working here today."

India's reaction to the 2008 Kosovo declaration of independence is one of non-recognition. We recently struggled with this issue wondering if this would cause concerns while bringing (read: potential limitation of payment channels given the non-recognition status), Kosovo 2.0, an indie magazine published out of Pristina for our readers in India. So when we saw Kosovo 2.0 covered as part of The Origin Issue, we were thrilled and more than ever determined to get our hands on this bold magazine focusing on the complexities of Kosovan society for our subscribers. In fact we read the whole 'Insiders Guide to Pristina' with rapt fascination – offbeat travellers, map this for your next sojourn!

We were proud to discover Ishita Malaviya, India’s first female surfer, amongst the pages.

We are introduced to Mike Jervis and Hanif Oadir, youth leaders, working (in East London) towards de-radicalizing those who are vulnerable to gangs and Islamic State – we need more guiding forces like them.

There are plenty of accomplished photographers and musicians sharing their stories, reaffirming our faith in their art.

And if that was not enough to fuel your energy, there is a list at the end of the issue, of recommended books, records and films by the HUCK team and friends to help you find what you may be looking for.


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