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Lagom is a lifestyle magazine connecting a global community of like-minded creatives who care about thoughtful design, independent travel, and a balanced approach to life.


‘Going against the grain’ is a common Lagom theme, but you’ll find extensive evidence of an independent approach to work and life throughout this issue. From The Drifter — a former motel in a traditionally rough part of New Orleans — to Kokko in Stavanger — which combines a coffee shop, coffee roastery, and architecture studio — to Prague-based Haenke — a botanical lab, education platform, arts space, and concept store — a passion for the unexpected is everywhere.

Editor & Editorial Director | Samantha Stocks
Editor & Creative Director | Elliot Jay Stocks

    In this issue, Lagom examines alternative methods and processes of making work fit around personal needs and ambitions - a way of life that we earnestly strive to achieve for ourselves here at PAPER PLANES.

    Visiting creatives from the around the world, such as JONO SMART, a Glasgow-based independent potter, and EMILY FISCHER, of Brooklyn-based 'Haptic Labs' - the issue offers abundant inspiration for seeking work-life balance. In a conversation with visual artist JACK HUGHES, who has worked with brands/publications such as The New York Times, Vogue, Burberry and Addidas, HUGHES' talks about social expectations and creative slumps with productivity.

    But that's not all, there is also food and wine in the issue! The issue ends with JULIA GIESE of Berlin-based naked wine bar and shop JAJA sharing insights on the world of 'natural wine' ('natural wine' refers to organically farmed wines - produced with minimal chemical or technological intervention).


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